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Bierfass, Bykov, Drozhanski, Fisz, Freifeld, Gärtner, Goldsmith, Hamer, Hoch, Lauberfeld, Lischner, Löwenthal, Mond, Orling, Rothstein, Schnell, Tepper, Tobias, Turner, Puryc

Bircza area, Drohobych, Dynów, Jawornik Ruski, Khyriv (Chyrów), Korzeniec, Leszczawa Dolna, Moscow, Mrzygłód, Nowa Wieś, Poltawa, Przemyśl, Rybotycze, Sanok, Vinnitsa, Żohatyń [Poland, Ukraine, and Russia]
New York City [United States]


bircza online regional 1941 name directory

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This name directory is a compilation of names of Bircza area residents prior to the Nazi invasion of June 1941, using the various lists available on this website, as well as contributions from others researching Bircza and information from its current and former inhabitants. On the right side of this page, see an alphabetical list of names. Clicking on a name leads to submitter information, where you can find either the list that mentions the individual or the contact information for the genealogist who submitted him.

This is a very useful tool for locating relatives present in Bircza on the eve of the Nazi occupation, and if you have names that you can contribute, please contact Bircza Online.

1941 name directory


Click on a name below to see information about its submission to this list (and more information about the individual). Note that all females are listed by their maiden name. A note on spelling: some of these names originate in the Bircza area survivors list, which is in Hebrew. Transliteration from Hebrew notoriously varies and, furthermore, the nature of Hebrew makes it difficult to guess the vowelisation of unfamiliar names (eg, Engelard could be Anglerd, Anglered, Angelerd, and so forth), so consider all spelling options when searching below. If available, the known residence (town or village) is listed, too.

a surnames

Apfel, L; Stara Bircza
Arm, D; Bircza
Arm, G; Bircza
Arm, H; Bircza
Arm, H; Bircza
Arm, H; Bircza
Arm, J; Bircza
Arst, D; Bircza
Ast, Yehudah/Judah
Ax, MD, Emil; Bircza
Aygal, Shoshannah
Aygal, Unknown

b surnames

Bachman, J; Bircza
Bachman, J; Bircza
Balbirer, E; Bircza
Bandyra, Eug.; Bircza
Barinker, P; Bircza
Berger, A; Bircza
Berger, B; Bircza
Berger, E; Bircza
Berger, J; Bircza
Berger, Jacob
Berger, L; Bircza
Berger, Leon
Berger, M; Bircza
Berger, M; Bircza
Berger, M; Bircza
Berger, S; Bircza
Berger, Pninah
Berger, R; Bircza
Berger, R; Bircza
Berger, Rahel/Rachel
Bieganowski, J; Bircza
Bierfass family; Żohatyń
Blau, E; Bircza
Blau, L; Bircza
Brander, J; Bircza
Brander, Unknown; Bircza
Buczek, S; Bircza
Budrianowski, Unknown; Stara Bircza

c surnames

Charak, S; Bircza
Chinalska, Unknown; Bircza

d surnames

Dankiewicz, J; Bircza
Demkiewicz, J; Bircza
Demkowicz, J; Bircza
Demkowicz, P; Bircza
Dorubusz, S; Bircza

e surnames

Engelard, Yisrael/Israel
Engelberg, R; Bircza
Eygal: see Aygal

f surnames

Faber, M; Bircza
Fedków, W; Bircza
Fedun, W; Bircza
Feit, A; Bircza
Figas, K; Korzenica
Fiskus, N; Bircza
Fiskus, S; Bircza
Franck family

g surnames

Gabryelski, Wincenty; Bircza
Glantsman, Yehoshua/Joshua
Glicksman, Tovah
Glicksman, Zeʾev
Glüksman, S; Stara Bircza
Gola, J; Bircza
Goldberg, I D; Bircza
Goldman, I; Stara Bircza
Goldmann, Mikhaʾel/Michael
Goldman, N; Bircza
Goldman, Unknown; Stara Bircza
Górski, Piotr
Grapel family
Greblikh, Unknown
Grinboim, Yissakhar
Gromet, F; Bircza
Gromet, P; Bircza
Grossman, Ł; Bircza
Grossman, M; Bircza
Grossman, Sarah
Grossman, Shoshannah
Grünbaum, F; Bircza
Grünbaum, M; Bircza
Grünbaum, S; Bircza

h surnames

Halpern, J; Bircza
Hamer amily; Żohatyń
Handler, Hesheq
Handler, Yosef/Josef
Handler, Sender
Hibner family
Hiedenkorn, Zeʾev
Himmelstein, H; Stara Bircza
Holc, S; Bircza
Holowa, E; Bircza
Holz, K; Bircza
Holz, S; Bircza
Holz, S; Bircza
Hönig, Menahem
Horowitz, Blumah

i surnames

Ilnicki, MD, Mich.; Bircza

j surnames

Jagello, Roman
Jarmusz, Ł; Bircza
Jarmusz, S; Bircza
Jasiewicz, St.; Bircza
Jasiewicz, St.; Bircza
Juni family; Bircza
Juni, S; Bircza

k surnames

Kaciuba, Mik.; Bircza
Kasser, A; Bircza
Kasser, R; Bircza
Katz, A; Bircza
Katz, A; Bircza
Katz, J; Bircza
Katz, M; Bircza
Katz, Meir
Katz, Menahem
Kern, MD, Avraham/Abraham
Kern, Barukh
Kern, Tovah
Kern, P; Bircza
Keyha, Ludwik; Bircza
Kintzler, Devorah
Kintsler , Efrayim
Kirschenboym, Clara
Knipf, MD, Dov
Knopf, MD, Ber.; Bircza
Koch, M; Bircza
Kociuda, Mik.; Nowa Wieś
Komonicka, O; Bircza
Korduba, T; Bircza
Kopczak, M; Bircza
Kowalski, Stanisław; Bircza
Kowalski, Stanisław; Korzeniec
Kowalski, Stanisław; Nowa Wieś
Kowler, David
Kowler, F; Bircza
Krameisen, S; Bircza
Krämer, J; Bircza
Kruczek, T; Bircza
Kuflik, S; Bircza
Kunik, J; Bircza
Künstler, E; Bircza
Krieg, I; Bircza
Łaba, K; Stara Bircza

l surnames

Lach, Ludwik; Korzeniec
Lach, Unknown; Korzeniec
Langsam family
Langsam, Avraham/Abraham
Langsam, Yehudah/Judah
Langsam, M; Bircza
Langsam, Unknown; Bircza
Lann, Benjamin
Lann, Herman(n)
Lann, Jack
Lann, Leon
Lann, Max
Lann, Rose
Larberfeld, N; Bircza
Lauberfeld, Esther; Korzeniec
Lauberfeld, Rywka; Korzeniec
Laurberfeld, Sarah
Laurberfeld, Shalom
Lauberfeld, Simche; Korzeniec
Lauberfeld, Unknown; Korzeniec
Lauberfeld, Unknown; Korzeniec
Lauberfeld, Unknown; Korzeniec
Lauerhaft, L; Stara Bircza
Leichner, S; Korzenica
Lerner, A; Bircza
Lesser, P; Bircza
Lieser, I; Bircza
Łomiński, J; Bircza
Löwenthal, Bernard; Korzeniec
Löwenthal, Dawid; Korzeniec
Löwenthal, Gerszon; Korzeniec
Löwenthal, Jonas; Korzeniec
Löwenthal, Mina; Korzeniec
Löwenthal, Matilda; Korzeniec
Löwenthal, Moshe; Korzeniec
Löwenthal, Sara; Korzeniec
Löwenthal-Mond, Dawid; Korzeniec

m surnames

Majer, S; Bircza
Märzel, Hayyim/Chaim
Märzel, Isak
Märzel, Yaʿaqov/Jacob
Märzel, Ł; Bircza
Märzel, M; Bircza
Märzel, M; Bircza
Märzel, Pninah
Märzel, R; Bircza
Märzel, R; Bircza
Mendelkern, N; Bircza
Merzel, A; Bircza
Merzel, M; Bircza
Merzel, N; Bircza
Merzel, Sz.; Bircza
Merzell, I; Stara Bircza
Meir, Avraham/Abraham
Meir, Mosheh
Metzger, I J; Bircza
Mildorf, Zeʾev
Mond family
Mond, B; Bircza
Mond, Esther
Mond, J; Bircza
Mond, J; Bircza
Mond, K; Bircza
Mond, M; Bircza
Mond, N; Bircza
Mond, P; Bircza
Mond, R; Bircza
Mond, S; Bircza

n surnames

Neis, B; Bircza
Nitsani , Devorah

o surnames

Ordan, J; Stara Bircza
Ordon, E; Stara Bircza
Ordon, W; Stara Bircza
Orling, Hersch; Korzeniec
Orling, Israel; Korzeniec
Orling, Jacow; Korzeniec
Orling, Lea
Orling, Mendel; Korzeniec
Orling, Sara; Korzeniec
Orling, Unknown; Korzeniec

p surnames

Pawliszyn, Hannou or Anna; Stara Bircza
Pawliszyn, Josef; Stara Bircza
Pawliszyn, Katarzyna; Stara Bircza
Pawliszyn, Piotr; Stara Bircza
Pawliszyn, Stan; Stara Bircza
Pelz, E; Bircza
Pełch, J; Bircza
Pielich, A; Stara Bircza
Pinczorska, L; Bircza
Pinczowski, Aharon/Aaron
Pinchowski, Fanyah
Pinchowski, Pninah
Preztocki, A; Bircza
Przytocki, A; Bircza

r surnames

Rabner, M; Stara Bircza
Raps, L; Stara Bircza
Raps, Unknown; Bircza
Riep, Meir
Rinder, Barukh
Rinder, Elimelekh
Rinder, Yitzhak/Isak
Rinder, L; Bircza
Rinder, S; Bircza
Rinder, S; Bircza
Roter, Aleksander/Alexander
Roter, David
Roter, Fayga
Roter, Yaaqov/Jacob
Roter, Menahem
Roter, Noah
Roth, B; Bircza
Roth, F; Bircza
Roth, S; Bircza
Rubenfeld family
Rubinfeld family; Bircza
Rubinfeld family
Rubinfeld, C; Bircza
Rubinfeld, D; Bircza
Rubinfeld, D; Bircza
Rubinfeld, M; Bircza
Rubinfeld, Rivqah/Rivka
Rudawski, Antoni; Bircza
Rudawski, Teofila; Bircza
Ryb, D; Bircza
Ryb, E; Bircza
Ryb, F; Bircza
Ryb, S; Bircza

s surnames

Sack, MD, Eleazar; Bircza
Salik, J; Bircza
Sauerbrun, J; Bircza
Sauerkaff, L; Stara Bircza
Sanerbaum; Bircza
Schajer, E; Bircza
Schechter, S; Bircza
Scheiner, S; Bircza
Schiff, B; Bircza
Schiff, B; Bircza
Schiff, Ben Zion; Bircza
Schiff, Lea; Bircza
Schiff, Yosef; Bircza
Schimmel, D; Bircza
Schneid, Ch.; Bircza
Schneid, E; Bircza
Schneid, F; Bircza
Schnied, M; Bircza
Schnell, Elias
Schnell, N; Bircza
Schnell, S; Bircza
Schnell, Sarah
Schnell, Unknown; Leszczawa Dolne
Schnell, Unknown; Leszczawa Dolne
Sholbendorf, LL. D
, Unknown
Schulberg, C; Bircza
Schwarz, H; Korzenica
Schwarz, Hermann
Schwarz, Shimon
Schwarz, Usher (Asher)
Segieła, K; Bircza
Segulam, Matityahu
Serdyńska, P; Bircza
Shapira, Esther
Sieroca, R; Korzenica
Silberman, L; Korzenica
Simon, M; Bircza
Smotrycki, K; Bircza
Sobel, Ch.; Bircza
Sobel, Hayyim/Chaim
Sobol, Ch.; Bircza
Sobol, M; Bircza
Soffer, Sz.; Bircza
Sojfer, S; Bircza
Sojfer, S; Bircza
Soyerbrun: see Zoyerbrun
Spiegel, I; Bircza
Spiegel, J; Bircza
Spiegel, Yehudah/Judah
Spiegel, S; Bircza
Sztajger, Clarah
Stark, Bronia (Brakhah)
Stark, E; Bircza
Stark, Mosheh
Stark, Shimon
Stark, Zusiyah
Stefczyk, Unknown; Bircza
Steifel, O; Bircza
Steppel, M; Bircza
Straus, D; Bircza
Szałajko, J; Bircza
Szałajko, P; Bircza
Szeinbach, S; Stara Bircza
Sznell, L; Bircza
Szuber, S; Bircza
Szuber, Stanisław; Bircza
Szwarc, Ł; Nowa Wieś

t surnames

Tarnawski, E; Bircza
Tepper, Blima; Nowa Wieś
Tepper, Esther (Ewa); Nowa Wieś
Tepper, Jacób; Nowa Wieś
Tepper, Majer Israel (Meʾir Yisraʾel); Nowa Wieś
Tepper, Szajndel; Żohatyń
Tevel, Reginah
Torba, W; Bircza
Traum, Ch.; Bircza
Traum, M; Bircza
Troym, Hayyim/Chaim
Troym, Rivqah/Rivka
Türk, S; Bircza
Turner family; Żohatyń

u surnames

Uhrem, J; Bircza
Uhri, P; Bircza

w surnames

Wasiewicz, F; Bircza
Wasiewicz, J; Bircza
Wasiewicz, Wł.; Bircza
Wasserman; Bircza
Wasserman, H; Bircza
Wasserman, Shlomoh
Wasserstein, Shprintsah
Wein, Hannah/Chana
Wein, Yehoshua/Joshua
Werner, David Elimelekh
Wilner, Kalman Shaul
Wilner, Leah
Wilner, Miriam
Winter, M; Bircza
Wilner, R; Bircza
Wrona, J; Bircza

z surnames

Zamoyski, Zygmunt; Korzenica
Zawisza, H; Bircza
Zeichner, Sz.; Korzeniec
Zeimer, MD, Jon.; Bircza
Zoyerbrun, Yosef/Josef
Zoyerbrun, Shmuel
Zwick, Bashe; Bircza
Zwick, Feige; Bircza
Zwick, Jacob; Bircza
Zwick, Leie; Bircza
Zwick, Levi; Bircza
Zwick, Moishe; Bircza
Zwick, Noah
Zwick, Noiach; Bircza
Zwick, Nussen; Bircza

submission information

Please note that, to prevent the collection of e-mail addresses by spambots, e-mail addresses below have been broken up by brackets, please delete the spaces and brackets around the @ sign (e.g. e-mail [@] domain.com should be e-mail@domain.com).

Submitter name Contact info Surnames submitted
Maggie Pawlyszyn Allen wonderful1954 [@] tiscali.co.uk Pawliszyn
Bircza business directory listing, 1929 click here Bircza residents and their occupations
Bircza region survivors list click here Holocaust survivors from Bircza
Carena, Alexis acarena [@] yahoo.com
acarena [@] gmail.com
Criss, Kenneth W kencriss@adelphia.net
Grapel-Lipson, Linda
Rubinfeld, Paul
castsny [@] aol.com
prubin [@] sonic.net
Grapel, Rubenfeld, Rubinfeld
Hibner, Efraim nhibner [@] netpoint.com.br Berger, Hibner
Juni, Susannah sjuni [@] nyc.rr.com Juni
Korzenica business directory listing, 1929 click here Korzenica residents and their occupations
Korzeniec business directory listing, 1929 click here Korzeniec residents and their occupations
Lann, Neil naplann2 [@] comcast.net Lann
Lewental, D Gershon
Lewental, Jonas
reproots [@] reproots.org
lewental [@] gmail.com
Bierfass, Górski, Hamer, Knopf, Lach, Lauberfeld, Löwenthal, Märzel, Mond, Orling, Rudawski, Sack, Schnell, Schwarz, Tepper, and Turner
Nowa Wieś business directory listing, 1929 click here Nowa Wieś residents and their occupations
Rubenov, Lilli (Lea) l.rubenov [@] bluewin.ch Schiff
Schwarz, Jacqueline
Szwarc-Kaleta, Lena
jacks.antwerp [@] gmail.com Schwarz
Stara Bircza business directory listing, 1929 click here Stara Bircza residents and their occupations
Wozniak, Chris kristofw [@] yahoo.com Rubinfeld
Wynne, Suzan srwynne [@] erols.com Langsam
Zientek, Joanna zientek4 [@] op.pl Rudawski
Zwick, Maurice Moshe mozwick [@] hotmail.com
mzwick [@] snet.net

contact bircza online

To contribute information or make contact with Bircza Online, please use this form below, or email bircza@reproots.org.

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various images

[Bircza road sign, 2005]
Bircza road sign, 2005
[Bircza municipal building, 2005]
Bircza municipal building, 2005
[Bircza market square, 2005]
Bircza market square, 2005
[Bircza countryside, 2000]
Bircza countryside, 2000
[Priest’s house (former synagogue), 2005]
Priest’s house (former synagogue), 2005
[Gravestone in the ruins of the Jewish cemetery, 1998]
Gravestone in the ruins of the Jewish cemetery, 1998
[Bircza Manour, c. 1911]
Bircza Manour, c. 1911
[Bircza memorial plaque, Har Tsiyyōn (Mt Zion), Jerusalem]
Bircza memorial plaque, Har Tsiyyōn (Mt Zion), Jerusalem
[Postcard of the Bircza war memorial (undated)]
Postcard of the Bircza war memorial (undated)

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