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Bierfass, Bykov, Drozhanski, Fisz, Freifeld, Gärtner, Goldsmith, Hamer, Hoch, Lauberfeld, Lischner, Löwenthal, Mond, Orling, Rothstein, Schnell, Tepper, Tobias, Turner, Puryc

Bircza area, Drohobych, Dynów, Jawornik Ruski, Khyriv (Chyrów), Korzeniec, Leszczawa Dolna, Moscow, Mrzygłód, Nowa Wieś, Poltawa, Przemyśl, Rybotycze, Sanok, Vinnitsa, Żohatyń [Poland, Ukraine, and Russia]
New York City [United States]


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interactive map

Select a village from the list to visit an interactive map of the entire Bircza area.

various images

[Bircza road sign, 2005]
Bircza road sign, 2005
[Bircza municipal building, 2005]
Bircza municipal building, 2005
[Bircza market square, 2005]
Bircza market square, 2005
[Bircza countryside, 2000]
Bircza countryside, 2000
[Priest’s house (former synagogue), 2005]
Priest’s house (former synagogue), 2005
[Gravestone in the ruins of the Jewish cemetery, 1998]
Gravestone in the ruins of the Jewish cemetery, 1998
[Bircza Manour, c. 1911]
Bircza Manour, c. 1911
[Bircza memorial plaque, Har Tsiyyōn (Mt Zion), Jerusalem]
Bircza memorial plaque, Har Tsiyyōn (Mt Zion), Jerusalem
[Postcard of the Bircza war memorial (undated)]
Postcard of the Bircza war memorial (undated)

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D Gershon Lewental, PhD
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