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Bierfass, Bykov, Drozhanski, Fisz, Freifeld, Gärtner, Goldsmith, Hamer, Hoch, Lauberfeld, Lischner, Löwenthal, Mond, Orling, Rothstein, Schnell, Tepper, Tobias, Turner, Puryc

Bircza area, Drohobych, Dynów, Jawornik Ruski, Khyriv (Chyrów), Korzeniec, Leszczawa Dolna, Moscow, Mrzygłód, Nowa Wieś, Poltawa, Przemyśl, Rybotycze, Sanok, Vinnitsa, Żohatyń [Poland, Ukraine, and Russia]
New York City [United States]


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In research on Bircza, I have come across many useful lists of residents, survivors, and more. These lists are of great use to genealogists and other researchers. I have organised as best I can and posted them here. Browse the lists by using the index at right, rather than scrolling down, since some of the lists are larger and are located on separate pages. Some, like the commerce listings, were donated graciously by various individuals, whom I thank for their kind help. Likewise, if you have information, please share it with the rest of the Bircza researcher community by contacting me.

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mt hebron internment list, 2010

I compiled the following list of deceased persons interred in Bircza society burial plots at the Mt Hebron Cemetery in Flushing (Queens), New York, by using the Mt Hebron Cemetery website, which has a searchable database here. [The deceased list below was last updated in February 2021.]

Click on the names of the deceased below to see photographs of their graves taken on 30 August 2006. The photographs will open at a large resolution and resize automatically to fit your screen. To zoom in or out, simply click on the image with the mouse. Occasionally, I took more than one picture of a grave; I have linked the second photograph to the plot location below (e.g., see Boris Leybentsun). Unfortunately, graves of those deceased since August 2006 have not been photographed.

Deceased name

Plot location(s)

Bircza society

Date of death

AARON, — 6-17-K-A-31st Bir. S & B26-Sep-1913
AMMER, BERTHA 114-20-5-121st Bir. Sick Aid28-Jan-1976
AMMER, JOSEPH 6-17-K-5-11st Bir. S & B04-Aug-1938
AMMER, LENA 6-17-K-15-8-71st Bir. S & B11-Oct-1950
AMMER, MAX 6-17-K-8-41st Bir. S & B01-Jan-1970
AMMER, SAMUEL 114-20-1-11st Bir. Sick Aid24-Sep-1946
AMMER/AMER, SARAH 6-17-K-4-61st Bir. S & B07-Jan-1943
AREM, GEORGE 6-17-K-4-41st Bir. S & B22-Apr-1938
AREM, HARRY 5-3-C-5-17B. Young Men’s17-Feb-1983
AREM, Lawrence5-3-C-5-18B. Young Men’s13-Jul-2011
AREM, LENA 6-17-K-10-81st Bir. S & B17-Feb-1986
AREM, LOUIS 6-17-K-10-61st Bir. S & B25-Apr-1956
AREM, MARY 5-3-C-5-16B. Young Men’s07-Dec-1989
AREM, PHILIP 6-17-K-10-71st Bir. S & B16-Jan-1957
AREM, SOPHIE 6-17-K-8-81st Bir. S & B12-Sep-1949
ARIAL, — 6-17-K-A-21st Bir. S & B26-May-1911
ARUM, IDA 114-20-2-51st Bir. Sick Aid20-Apr-1963
ARUM, MOSES (MORRIS) 114-20-1-151st Bir. Sick Aid15-Jul-1962
BAAR, ANNA 5-3-C-5-12B. Young Men’s01-Nov-1988
BAAR, DAVID 5-3-C-5-13B. Young Men’s17-Aug-1981
BACHMAN, — 114-20-2-A1st Bir. Sick Aid31-Aug-1969
BACHMAN, ARTHUR 6-17-K-B-111st Bir. S & B11-Aug-1935
BACHMAN, JOSEPH 114-20-6-111st Bir. Sick Aid16-Nov-1991
BACHMAN, LILLIE 114-20-6-101st Bir. Sick Aid17-Apr-1982
BADER, ROSE 6-17-K-5-81st Bir. S & B23-Feb-1939
BERKOWITZ, WILLIAM (WILLIE) 5-3-C-7-11B. Young Men’s07-Jun-1911
BAZIM, ISAAC ALTER 6-17-K-7-71st Bir. S & B04-Mar-1958
BAZIM, MINNIE 114-20-5-131st Bir. Sick Aid08-Sep-1988
BAZIM, RUTH 6-17-K-7-81st Bir. S & B13-Dec-1943
BEER, MINA (MISHKET) 12-22-G-8-44B. Young Men’s23-Jan-1976
BEER, SALLY 12-22-G-9-42B. Young Men’s30-Dec-1987
BEER, SAM 12-22-G-9-41B. Young Men’s10-Nov-1983
BEER, SIMON 12-22-G-7-44B. Young Men’s10-Feb-1948
BERGER, — 5-3-C-D-6B. Young Men’s13-May-1914
BERGER, CELIA 5-3-C-3-10B. Young Men’s16-Nov-1973
BERGER, DAVID 6-17-K-10-11st Bir. S & B18-Dec-1954
BERGER, MADELINE 5-3-C-C-3B. Young Men’s13-Mar-1924
BERGER, MAX 5-3-C-3-11B. Young Men’s15-Apr-1970
BERGER, SALLY (ḤAYYAH SARAH) 114-20-2-21st Bir. Sick Aid13-Oct-1957
BERGER, TOBA (TOBE) 6-17-K-10-21st Bir. S & B17-Mar-1958
BLAU, CLARA 5-3-C-3-18B. Young Men’s26-Apr-1968
BLAU, ISIDORE (ISIE) 5-3-C-3-17B. Young Men’s03-May-1987
BLAU, Jamie Lisa5-3-C-6-17B. Young Men’s18-Mar-2020
BLAU, MINA 5-3-C-3-14B. Young Men’s07-Apr-1998
BLAU, SAM 5-3-C-3-13B. Young Men’s01-Jul-1969
BLAUFARB, FANNY 5-3-C-1-6B. Young Men’s11-Feb-1937
BLAUFARB, PHILIP 5-3-C-1-7B. Young Men’s05-Apr-1971
BLUTMAN, GERTRUDE 12-22-G-7-42B. Young Men’s24-Apr-1983
BOHRER, ANNA 5-3-C-7-4B. Young Men’s30-Apr-1921
BOHRER, BABY 5-3-C-D-16B. Young Men’s04-Apr-1921
BORMAN, MURRAY 12-22-G-6-36B. Young Men’s23-Jun-1992
BORMAN, SHIRLEY 12-22-G-6-33B. Young Men’s26-Jun-1983
BRAND, ANNA 12-22-G-8-43B. Young Men’s18-Sep-1995
BRAND, YETTA 12-22-G-8-39B. Young Men’s28-Feb-1999
BRANDT, SOL 12-22-G-8-40B. Young Men’s02-Sep-1992
BRANDT, TILLIE 12-22-G-8-41B. Young Men’s18-Aug-1978
BREYER, HENRY 114-20-6-51st Bir. Sick Aid26-Dec-1969
BREYER, JEROME 114-20-6-71st Bir. Sick Aid12-Sep-1970
BREYER, RUTH 114-20-6-41st Bir. Sick Aid30-Sep-1968
BREYER, Sandra114-20-6-81st Bir. S & B08-Jun-2015
BUCHBAND, TILLIE 6-17-K-A-41st Bir. S & B05-Nov-1913
COHEN, SHARON (née PRICE) 5-3-C-6-18B. Young Men’s30-Jun-1986
COHEN, SOPHIE PINCZOWSKI 114-20-4-131st Bir. Sick Aid23-Aug-1970
COHN, DAVE 5-3-C-2-14B. Young Men’s12-Dec-1968
COHN, MINNIE 5-3-C-2-15B. Young Men’s10-Aug-1981
DENBAUM, Irving12-22-G-12-39B. Young Men’s14-Oct-2016
DENBAUM, LOUIS 5-3-C-A/B-8B. Young Men’s01-Aug-1958
DENBAUM, Myra12-22-G-12-41B. Young Men’s25-Nov-2018
DENBAUM, YETTA 5-3-C-A/B-7B. Young Men’s02-Jan-1981
DIAMOND, DORA 5-3-C-3-4B. Young Men’s10-Jun-1970
DIAMOND, JOSEPH 114-20-4-101st Bir. Sick Aid08-Oct-1966
DIAMOND, LENA 114-20-4-111st Bir. Sick Aid23-Aug-1978
DIAMOND, MIRIAM 114-20-2-111st Bir. Sick Aid11-Mar-1987
DIAMOND, MIRIAM 114-20-2-111st Bir. Sick Aid30-Oct-1962
DIAMOND, PHILIP 5-3-C-3-3B. Young Men’s27-Apr-1961
DIAMOND, SAMUEL 114-20-2-121st Bir. Sick Aid17-Aug-1992
DONNER, CHAYJE 5-3-C-6-5B. Young Men’s06-May-1958
DONNER, FLORENCE R 5-3-C-4-5B. Young Men’s21-Mar-1963
DONNER, HARRY G 5-3-C-A/B-19B. Young Men’s08-Aug-1954
DONNER, SAMUEL (YEHOSHUA) 5-3-C-1-8B. Young Men’s04-Jan-1946
DUMER, MALE 6-17-K-B-101st Bir. S & B07-Sep-1932
EHRLICH, BESSIE 5-3-C-2-5B. Young Men’s12-May-1953
EHRLICH, CELIA (ZIVIA) 5-3-C-1-4B. Young Men’s24-Mar-1927
EHRLICH, HARRY 5-3-C-2-4B. Young Men’s23-Jan-1965
EICHNER, DAVID 6-17-K-11-81st Bir. S & B10-Jan-1957
EICHNER, MARY 6-17-K-8-61st Bir. S & B07-Mar-1953
EIDELBERG, Beatrice12-22-G-10-39B. Young Men’s24-Jul-2010
EIDELBERG, DAVID 12-22-G-10-40B. Young Men’s18-Jun-2001
EIDELBERG, Gerald12-22-G-10-41B. Young Men’s26-Aug-2011
EIDELBERG, JACOB 5-3-C-3-16B. Young Men’s29-Jun-1968
EIDELBERG, KATE 5-3-C-3-15B. Young Men’s06-Dec-1977
EIDELBERG, LEONARD 12-22-G-12-43B. Young Men’s18-Aug-2004
EIDELBERG, ROBERT SIDNEY 12-22-G-12-44B. Young Men’s10-Feb-1995
EIDELBERG, ROBERTA 12-22-G-12-42B. Young Men’s11-Jan-2006
EPSTEIN, ESTHER ROSNER 6-17-K-10-41st Bir. S & B20-Dec-1980
EPSTEIN, SARAH 12-22-G-7-39B. Young Men’s13-Jul-1993
ETTINGER, IRVING 5-3-C-1-14B. Young Men’s03-Jan-1938
FABIAN, Joseph114-20-7-31st Bir. Sick Aid13-May-2014
FABIAN, RUTH (née FENICK) 114-20-7-41st Bir. Sick Aid29-Nov-1995
FANGER, ALEXANDER 5-3-C-C-1B. Young Men’s28-Sep-1922
FANGER, ESTHER 5-3-C-6-4B. Young Men’s16-Apr-1968
FANGER, EVA 5-3-C-7-5B. Young Men’s25-Aug-1941
FANGER, HELEN 5-3-C-6-1B. Young Men’s19-Nov-1971
FANGER, JOSEPH ABRAHAM 5-3-C-6-2B. Young Men’s16-Oct-1989
FANGER, MARTIN 5-3-C-8-4B. Young Men’s12-Apr-1993
FANGER, SAM L 5-3-C-5-8B. Young Men’s23-Nov-1974
FANGER, SIDNEY 5-3-C-6-3B. Young Men’s16-Nov-1990
FASS, RACHINIEL 6-17-K-A-11st Bir. S & B27-Nov-1910
FELDMAN, — 6-17-K-A-61st Bir. S & B10-Jan-1915
FREIFELD, ANNA 6-17-K-3-51st Bir. S & B05-Aug-1931
FREIFELD, ISRAEL 6-17-K-7-61st Bir. S & B13-Sep-1955
FENGER, BABY 5-3-C-C-2B. Young Men’s07-Oct-1923
FENICH, HYMAN (CHAIM) 5-3-C-1-17B. Young Men’s13-Sep-1932
FENICK, PINCUS AHARON (SAM) 114-20-3-11st Bir. Sick Aid31-Aug-1950
FENICK/FENIG, MIRIAM 114-20-2-71st Bir. Sick Aid15-Sep-1961
FINKELSTEIN, MARY 114-20-5-111st Bir. Sick Aid19-Jan-1983
FINKELSTEIN, SAMUEL 114-20-5-101st Bir. Sick Aid02-Feb-1971
FISCHER, MIRYAM 12-22-G-6-41B. Young Men’s17-Feb-1983
FREEWALD, ANNA 5-3-C-3-5B. Young Men’s01-Jun-1961
GELLER, MILDRED 6-17-K-B-91st Bir. S & B26-May-1932
GOLDBERG, SHIRLEY 114-20-6-171st Bir. Sick Aid18-Oct-2004
GOOD, — 5-3-C-D-5B. Young Men’s12-Nov-1911
GOODMAN, AARON 12-22-G-6-38B. Young Men’s09-Jan-1984
GOODMAN, EVELYN 12-22-G-6-39B. Young Men’s01-Feb-2006
GRAPEL, ANNIE 6-17-K-6-71st Bir. S & B04-Sep-1956
GRAPEL, ETHEL 5-3-C-7-6B. Young Men’s15-Jan-1946
GRAPEL, ISIDORE 5-3-C-7-18B. Young Men’s12-Nov-1982
GRAPEL, MAX 6-17-K-6-61st Bir. S & B22-Nov-1940
GRAPEL, MORRIS 5-3-C-3-2B. Young Men’s16-Dec-1955
GRAPEL, ROSE 5-3-C-3-1B. Young Men’s23-Nov-1953
GRAPEL, SAMUEL 5-3-C-7-7B. Young Men’s20-Aug-1963
GRAPPEL, — 5-3-C-D-14B. Young Men’s07-Jan-1920
GREENBLATT, JACK 114-20-5-161st Bir. Sick Aid15-Feb-2007
GREENBLATT, RUTH E 114-20-5-171st Bir. Sick Aid16-Nov-1994
GRILL, DANIS 12-22-G-8-35B. Young Men’s17-Jul-1988
GRILL, Miriam12-22-G-8-36B. Young Men’s22-Mar-2018
GROSS, SUSAN KIMELMAN 12-22-G-9-37B. Young Men’s23-Aug-2001
GRUMET, HARRY 5-3-C-5-14B. Young Men’s31-Aug-1982
GRUMET, RAY 5-3-C-5-15B. Young Men’s01-Apr-1986
HAMADA, BERTHA 114-20-3-141st Bir. Sick Aid04-May-1978
HAMADA, SAM 114-20-3-61st Bir. Sick Aid25-May-1955
HOLTZ, CHARLES 5-3-C-6-16B. Young Men’s24-Jan-1991
HOLTZ, HANNAH 5-3-C-2-8B. Young Men’s11-May-1981
HOLTZ, HILDA 5-3-C-6-14B. Young Men’s20-Apr-1998
HOLTZ, ISIDORE 5-3-C-2-9B. Young Men’s02-Dec-1953
HOLTZ, ISIDORE 5-3-C-2-7B. Young Men’s15-May-1954
HOLTZ, JULIA 5-3-C-2-6B. Young Men’s06-Mar-1978
HOLTZ, NETTIE 5-3-C-6-15B. Young Men’s02-Feb-1987
HORNICK, DAVID 5-3-C-3-12B. Young Men’s07-Nov-1969
HOROWITZ, Joseph12-22-G-11-41B. Young Men’s12-Apr-2017
HOSTIN, EDITH 5-3-C-6-13B. Young Men’s17-Aug-2009
HOSTIN, NATHAN 5-3-C-6-12B. Young Men’s09-Jun-1988
JAHRE, ANNA (ANN) 5-3-C-C/D-20B. Young Men’s03-May-1978
JAHRE, DAVID 5-3-C-C/D-21B. Young Men’s16-Dec-1960
KAMPEL, Allen114-20-7-71st Bir. Sick Aid01-Jan-2019
KAMPEL, BOB LEON 114-20-7-81st Bir. Sick Aid04-Sep-2002
KAMPEL, DORIS 6-17-K-10-31st Bir. S & B04-Oct-1974
KAMPEL, DORIS 6-17-K-10-31st Bir. S & B20-May-1981
KAMPEL, ELIZABETH 114-20-7-181st Bir. Sick Aid08-May-2000
KAMPEL, ISAAC 6-17-K-5-41st Bir. S & B20-Apr-1944
KAMPEL, MICHAEL 114-20-7-171st Bir. Sick Aid20-May-1996
KATZ, CELIA 5-3-C-8-2B. Young Men’s25-Nov-1965
KATZ, PHILIP 5-3-C-8-1B. Young Men’s03-Sep-1974
KESSLER, EIZIK 6-17-K-6-21st Bir. S & B02-Mar-1942
KESSLER, RACHEL LEAH 6-17-K-2-71st Bir. S & B25-Dec-1927
KHORUTSKAYA, Varvara12-22-G-11-39B. Young Men’s12-Jan-2017
KIMELMAN, BENJAMIN 12-22-G-9-35B. Young Men’s28-Nov-2009
KIMELMAN, EVELYN (EVIE) 12-22-G-9-36B. Young Men’s03-Feb-2002
KIMMEL, ZELDA 6-17-K-3-61st Bir. S & B31-Jul-1931
KLEIN, MINNIE 12-22-G-12-35B. Young Men’s11-Jul-2001
KODESS, Khiena5-3-C-8-1204-May-2020
KRAMEISON, HANNAH (ANNA) 6-17-K-3-41st Bir. S & B26-Feb-1932
KRAMEISEN, JACOB 6-17-K-3-31st Bir. S & B04-Dec-1938
KRANZDORF, MASIA 5-3-C-A/B-11B. Young Men’s16-Jul-1994
KRANZDORF, ZEEV 5-3-C-5-9B. Young Men’s22-Sep-1978
KREYNER, KHAYA 5-3-C-8-13B. Young Men’s15-Apr-1996
LANGBERG, BERNARD 5-3-C-5-2B. Young Men’s19-Mar-1964
LANGBERG, BLANCH 5-3-C-D-10B. Young Men’s18-Jan-1917
LANGBERG, GUSSIE 5-3-C-D-2B. Young Men’s17-Nov-1910
LANGBERG, MALVINE 12-22-G-9-40B. Young Men’s12-Sep-1983
LANGBERG, ROSE 5-3-C-5-3B. Young Men’s02-May-1964
LANGSAM, AARON 6-17-K-9-21st Bir. S & B09-Jan-1941
LANGSAM, MOLLY 6-17-K-9-81st Bir. S & B11-May-1956
LANGSAM, NATHAN 6-17-K-2-31st Bir. S & B03-Jun-1931
LANGSAM, ROSE 114-20-3-111st Bir. Sick Aid27-Jan-1965
LEFKOWITZ, ABRAHAM 5-3-C-5-10B. Young Men’s13-Jan-1978
LEFKOWITZ, FLORENCE 5-3-C-5-11B. Young Men’s09-Oct-2000
LEINWAND, CELIA 5-3-C-2-11B. Young Men’s05-Apr-1969
LEINWAND, JACOB 5-3-C-2-10B. Young Men’s25-Apr-1950
LEYBENTSUN, BORIS 12-22-G-11-40B. Young Men’s23-Dec-1993
LEYBENTSUN, HARITON 12-22-G-11-40B. Young Men’s1981
LEYBENTSUN, ISAAK 12-22-G-7-40B. Young Men’s27-Jun-1992
LEYBENTSUN, KHANA 12-22-G-7-41B. Young Men’s14-Jun-1984
LIEBMAN, BEN 5-3-C-6-8B. Young Men’s29-Aug-1983
LIEBMAN, MILDRED 5-3-C-6-7B. Young Men’s04-Oct-2009
LIPETZ, JOSHUA 114-20-7-161st Bir. Sick Aid12-Jan-1999
LIPSCHITZ, LOUIS 6-17-K-8-31st Bir. S & B28-May-1978
LIPSCHITZ, PEARL 114-20-7-121st Bir. Sick Aid07-Aug-1989
LIPSCHITZ, ROSE 6-17-K-4-81st Bir. S & B05-Apr-1935
LIPSHITZ, SAMUEL 6-17-K-3-11st Bir. S & B02-Nov-1934
LIPSON, REBECCA 114-20-5-11st Bir. Sick Aid06-May-1966
LISCHNER, HERMAN (TSVI ELIMELEKH) 114-20-4-31st Bir. Sick Aid15-Mar-1963
LISHNER, ANNA 114-20-2-81st Bir. Sick Aid05-Jan-1963
LISHNER, MAX 6-17-K-3-21st Bir. S & B31-Dec-1932
LORBERFELD, ARTHUR 5-3-C-D-17B. Young Men’s26-Apr-1922
LORBERFELD, GERTRUDE 5-3-C-1-1B. Young Men’s30-Aug-1936
LORBERFELD, LENA 5-3-C-5-4B. Young Men’s01-Apr-1974
LORBERFELD, LOTTIE 5-3-C-D-9B. Young Men’s04-Dec-1916
LORBERFELD, LOUIS 5-3-C-5-5B. Young Men’s10-Jul-1978
LORBERFELD, MURIEL 5-3-C-5-6B. Young Men’s07-Oct-1982
LOEBERFELD, SYLVIA 5-3-C-D-15B. Young Men’s06-Jan-1921
MANGEL, Albert12-22-G-12-33B. Young Men’s19-Dec-2012
MANGEL, Maryilyn12-22-G-12-32B. Young Men’s25-Apr-2014
MARKOWITZ, IRVING 114-20-6-121st Bir. Sick Aid07-Jul-1995
MARKOWITZ, MILDRED RUTH 114-20-6-131st Bir. Sick Aid23-Jan-1983
MARTHE, KATE 5-3-C-D-13B. Young Men’s04-Apr-1919
MARZOUK, BARAKAT 12-22-G-11-43B. Young Men’s10-Nov-1992
MARZOUK, FORTUNEE 12-22-G-11-44B. Young Men’s08-Feb-2002
MATH, SAMUEL (SAM) 5-3-C-7-13B. Young Men’s23-Mar-1918
MEIT, — 5-3-C-D-7B. Young Men’s26-Aug-1914
MENCHIN, — 5-3-C-D-4B. Young Men’s15-Aug-1911
MERZEL, RALPH 114-20-3-51st Bir. Sick Aid23-Oct-1953
MERZEL, REGINA 114-20-1/4 LOT 11 & 1/4 OF 12-5-81st Bir. Sick Aid18-Aug-1978
MITTMAN, ELIAS 114-20-3-131st Bir. Sick Aid18-Dec-1970
MITTMAN, HANDEL 6-17-K-2-51st Bir. S & B05-Dec-1928
MITTMAN, JACOB 6-17-K-1-41st Bir. S & B23-Sep-1927
MITTMAN, JENNIE 114-20-3-121st Bir. Sick Aid19-Mar-1966
MITTMAN, MILTON 6-17-K-2-41st Bir. S & B29-Dec-1929
MOND, — 6-17-K-B-121st Bir. S & B09-Apr-1959
MOND, BERTHA 5-3-C-D-12B. Young Men’s26-Oct-1917
MOND, BERTRAND 114-20-6-141st Bir. Sick Aid11-Sep-2002
MOND, BLANCHE 5-3-C-2-16B. Young Men’s25-Mar-1984
MOND, HARRY 6-17-K-1-21st Bir. S & B14-Oct-1919
MOND, HARRY W 6-17-K-9-61st Bir. S & B29-Mar-1953
MOND, ISAAC 114-20-7-21st Bir. Sick Aid14-Jan-1977
MOND, MINNIE 6-17-K-11-61st Bir. S & B07-Feb-1991
MOND, MOLLIE 114-20-3-101st Bir. Sick Aid29-Oct-1964
MOND, MORRIS 5-3-C-2-17B. Young Men’s23-May-1966
MOND, MORRIS L 6-17-K-11-71st Bir. S & B07-Oct-1972
MOND, NATHAN 5-3-C-7-10B. Young Men’s14-Apr-1910
MOND, PHYLLIS 114-20-6-151st Bir. Sick Aid09-Nov-2007
MOND, RAY 6-17-K-9-71st Bir. S & B08-Aug-1978
MUNDT, PAUL 5-3-C-D-1B. Young Men’s07-Apr-1910
NAGELBUSH, MAX 5-3-C-1-11B. Young Men’s14-Dec-1944
NAGER, SAMUEL (SAM) 5-3-C-2-3B. Young Men’s30-Sep-1954
NAGER, YETTA 5-3-C-2-2B. Young Men’s17-Nov-1967
NEWMAN, ANNA 114-20-2-31st Bir. Sick Aid01-Nov-1957
NEWMAN, FANNY 5-3-C-4-16B. Young Men’s07-Jul-1999
NEWMAN, JOSEPH 5-3-C-4-17B. Young Men’s14-May-1974
ODZER, GERTRUDE 5-3-C-A/B-6B. Young Men’s06-Mar-1997
ODZER, HARRY 5-3-C-A/B-5B. Young Men’s09-Jun-1958
ODZER, HELEN 5-3-C-C-7B. Young Men’s24-Mar-1926
ODZER, ROSE 5-3-C-1-2B. Young Men’s16-Feb-1926
ORLING, CHARLES 6-17-K-1-31st Bir. S & B15-Oct-1921
ORLING, DORA 114-20-1-101st Bir. Sick Aid31-Mar-1960
ORLING, ISIDORE 114-20-1-91st Bir. Sick Aid30-Dec-1963
ORLING, SAMUEL 114-20-1-21st Bir. Sick Aid25-Apr-1947
OROFINO, SHERRI 12-22-G-7-33B. Young Men’s09-Aug-1987
OSER, ROSE ITA 114-20-7-111st Bir. Sick Aid22-Dec-1988
PASKOWITZ, GLADYS 5-3-C-4-12B. Young Men’s22-Jan-1979
PASKOWITZ, MORRIS 5-3-C-4-13B. Young Men’s21-Mar-1974
PENNER, CECELIA 5-3-C-D-8B. Young Men’s06-Sep-1915
PERIL, HERTA 5-3-C-6-9B. Young Men’s02-Nov-1987
PILCHIK, IRVING 114-20-4-161st Bir. Sick Aid18-Nov-1970
PILCHIK, SADIE 114-20-4-151st Bir. Sick Aid30-Apr-1993
PIMSLER, ANNIE 6-17-K-5-31st Bir. S & B27-Mar-1956
PIMSLER, JOSEPH 6-17-K-1-51st Bir. S & B24-Feb-1925
PIMSLER, MAX 6-17-K-5-21st Bir. S & B16-Mar-1939
PIMSLER, MOLLIE 6-17-K-1-61st Bir. S & B25-Jan-1925
PIMSLER, PERL 6-17-K-2-61st Bir. S & B22-May-1928
PINCZOWSKI, SCHYA 114-20-1-41st Bir. Sick Aid10-Jul-1949
PINSKER, ISIDOR 5-3-C-7-14B. Young Men’s22-Oct-1918
PINSKER, REBECCA 6-17-K-3-71st Bir. S & B27-Oct-1930
PINSKER, SOLOMON 6-17-K-6-41st Bir. S & B24-Jan-1946
POZSONYI, GEORGE 12-22-G-10-43B. Young Men’s10-Apr-2005
POZSONYI, Livia12-22-G-10-44B. Young Men’s08-Nov-2017
PRINCE, ARTHUR 114-20-8-11st Bir. Sick Aid05-Sep-2002
PRINCE, KATE 114-20-4-141st Bir. Sick Aid26-Sep-2002
PRINCE, SAMUEL (SAM) 114-20-3-71st Bir. Sick Aid13-Dec-1962
PROPPER, CLARA 5-3-C-A/B-10B. Young Men’s16-Jul-1973
PROPPER, MEYER 5-3-C-A/B-9B. Young Men’s30-Apr-1960
RINDLER, ISIDORE 5-3-C-4-3B. Young Men’s05-May-1963
RINDLER, SADIE (SARAH) 5-3-C-4-4B. Young Men’s05-May-1988
RINGEL, ANNA 5-3-C-8-14B. Young Men’s29-Aug-1998
RINGEL, BEATRICE 5-3-C-8-16B. Young Men’s27-Jun-1991
RINGEL, MAX 5-3-C-5-1B. Young Men’s06-Mar-1964
RINGEL, NATHAN 5-3-C-8-15B. Young Men’s11-Jan-1992
RINGEL, ROSE 5-3-C-1-3B. Young Men’s02-Aug-1926
RINGEL, ROSE 5-3-C-2-1B. Young Men’s20-Feb-1949
RINGEL, WILLIAM 5-3-C-2-18B. Young Men’s16-Dec-1965
ROJANSKY, MARVIN 12-22-G-10-31B. Young Men’s28-Dec-1991
ROSEN, LILA HASSMAN 12-22-G-8-42B. Young Men’s07-Oct-1975
ROSNER, ABRAHAM S 6-17-K-2-11st Bir. S & B04-Jul-1928
ROSNER, DAVID 6-17-K-9-41st Bir. S & B16-Nov-1953
ROTH, ANNA 6-17-K-7-41st Bir. S & B28-Oct-1946
ROTH, ARNOLD 114-20-5-41st Bir. Sick Aid09-Aug-1974
ROTH, BABY 6-17-K-B-31st Bir. S & B05-Mar-1924
ROTH, BERL 6-17-K-7-31st Bir. S & B29-Dec-1949
ROTH, CELIA 6-17-K-B-11st Bir. S & B17-Nov-1922
ROTH, DEENA 114-20-5-71st Bir. Sick Aid11-Mar-1970
ROTH, DORA 6-17-K-5-71st Bir. S & B10-Dec-1939
ROTH, GERTRUDE 114-20-7-51st Bir. Sick Aid20-Jul-2001
ROTH, HARRY 6-17-K-A-81st Bir. S & B02-Jan-1923
ROTH, HARRY 114-20-5-151st Bir. Sick Aid15-Nov-1979
ROTH, ISAAC (ITZIK) 6-17-K-5-61st Bir. S & B27-Jul-1954
ROTH, ISAAC 114-20-6-21st Bir. Sick Aid22-Jan-1968
ROTH, JENNIE 6-17-K-8-11st Bir. S & B27-Jan-1982
ROTH, JENNIE LEAH 114-20-5-51st Bir. Sick Aid09-Jan-1978
ROTH, JEROME 5-3-C-C-6B. Young Men’s14-Jun-1925
ROTH, JOSEPH 6-17-K-8-21st Bir. S & B21-Oct-1965
ROTH, JOSEPH 114-20-7-61st Bir. Sick Aid27-Aug-2001
ROTH, KALMAN 6-17-K-7-21st Bir. S & B11-Mar-1951
ROTH, LEAH 114-20-6-31st Bir. Sick Aid25-May-2003
ROTH, Lillian114-20-5-141st Bir. Sick Aid19-Oct-2011
ROTH, MARY 5-3-C-3-7B. Young Men’s06-Feb-1962
ROTH, MAX 114-20-1-141st Bir. Sick Aid17-Jun-1961
ROTH, MORRIS 114-20-6-11st Bir. Sick Aid23-Aug-1967
ROTH, NATHAN 114-20-4-51st Bir. Sick Aid08-Jul-1965
ROTH, SADIE 5-3-C-A/B-3B. Young Men’s02-May-1959
ROTH, SAMUEL 5-3-C-A/B-4B. Young Men’s12-Jun-1956
ROTH, SAMUEL (SAM) Z 5-3-C-5-7B. Young Men’s11-Mar-1965
ROTH, SARAH GITEL 6-17-K-7-11st Bir. S & B08-Jun-1946
ROTH, WILLIAM 6-17-K-9-31st Bir. S & B18-Feb-1947
ROTHSTEIN, Albert12-22-G-12-37B. Young Men’s10-Feb-2017
ROTHSTEIN, LENORE 12-22-G-12-36B. Young Men’s05-Sep-2002
RUBENFELD, BENJAMIN 114-20-4-41st Bir. Sick Aid25-Jun-1965
RUBENFELD, CELIA 5-3-C-4-11B. Young Men’s26-Feb-1991
RUBENFELD, FANNIE (née KUGELMASS) 5-3-C-7-16B. Young Men’s05-Dec-1983
RUBENFELD, IRVING 5-3-C-6-11B. Young Men’s21-Jan-1993
RUBENFELD, JOSEPH 6-17-K-1-11st Bir. S & B01-Apr-1918
RUBENFELD, LOUIS 5-3-C-4-10B. Young Men’s20-Mar-1971
RUBENFELD, LOUIS 5-3-C-7-15B. Young Men’s11-Jun-1985
RUBENFELD, Martin5-3-C-7-1-2B. Young Men’s23-Mar-2017
RUBENFELD, Mia5-3-C-6-10B. Young Men’s03-Sep-2010
RUBENFELD, MOLLIE 114-20-4-81st Bir. Sick Aid15-Sep-1967
RUBENFELD, ROSE 114-20-7-131st Bir. Sick Aid24-Jan-1990
RUBENFELD, SOL 114-20-3-81st Bir. Sick Aid16-Nov-1972
RUBENFELD, STANLEY 114-20-3-41st Bir. Sick Aid19-Aug-1953
RUBENFELT, — 6-17-K-A-51st Bir. S & B26-Apr-1914
RUBIN, KATE STUMMER 5-3-C-4-18B. Young Men’s19-Nov-1978
RUBINFELD, BECKY 5-3-C-7-9B. Young Men’s02-Oct-2000
RUBINFELD, IRVING 5-3-C-7-8B. Young Men’s22-Aug-1981
RUBINFELD, Martin5-3-C-7-1-2B. Young Men’s23-Mar-2017
SAFFER/SOFER, (ḤAYYIM) ISAAC 114-20-3-31st Bir. Sick Aid06-Sep-1951
SALAMA, CLOTILDE 12-22-G-11-31B. Young Men’s07-Oct-1992
SCHARFSTEIN, ADOLPH 5-3-C-1-16B. Young Men’s02-Nov-1932
SCHARFSTEIN, HARRY 5-3-C-7-12B. Young Men’s28-Feb-1918
SCHARFSTEIN, ROSE (née FARKAS) 5-3-C-1-5B. Young Men’s27-Oct-1927
SCHECK, MAX 5-3-C-1-9B. Young Men’s21-Jul-1949
SCHECK, REBECCA 5-3-C-2-13B. Young Men’s07-Nov-1980
SCHEINBERG, DOROTHY 12-22-G-9-32B. Young Men’s06-Mar-1998
SCHEINBERG, EDWARD 12-22-G-8-34B. Young Men’s26-Sep-1976
SCHEINBERG, HERBERT 12-22-G-9-34B. Young Men’s10-Apr-2007
SCHEINBERG, JACQUELINE (JACKIE) 12-22-G-9-33B. Young Men’s23-Dec-1999
SCHEINBERG, SIDNEY 12-22-G-9-31B. Young Men’s30-May-1981
SCHEINER, AARON ISAAC 6-17-K-B-41st Bir. S & B10-May-1926
SCHEINER, DAVID 6-17-K-4-11st Bir. S & B30-Sep-1935
SCHEINER, HENRY 6-17-K-B-51st Bir. S & B10-Dec-1927
SCHEINER, NATHAN 114-20-4-21st Bir. Sick Aid12-Oct-1950
SCHEINER, PHILIS 5-3-C-C-9B. Young Men’s06-Mar-1932
SCHEINER, SAMUEL (SAM) 5-3-C-1-15B. Young Men’s03-Mar-1936
SCHEINER, SARAH 114-20-4-11st Bir. Sick Aid10-Oct-1950
SCHEINER, SHIRLEY 5-3-C-C-5B. Young Men’s19-Feb-1925
SCHEINER, YECHIAL 6-17-K-4-21st Bir. S & B24-May-1936
SCHEINER, ZIPRA (ZIPIE) 6-17-K-4-31st Bir. S & B02-Nov-1956
SCHENK, — 5-3-C-D-18B. Young Men’s16-Apr-1923
SCHIFF, ANNIE (ḤAYYAH) 114-20-1-61st Bir. Sick Aid01-May-1955
SCHIFF, MORRIS (MEIR) 114-20-1-51st Bir. Sick Aid18-Jul-1949
SCHIMMEL, ANNA 5-3-C-2-12B. Young Men’s09-Apr-1967
SCHIMMEL, BENJAMIN 5-3-C-1-10B. Young Men’s02-Jun-1946
SCHLESINGER, LEO 114-20-1-81st Bir. Sick Aid19-Mar-1955
SCHLESINGER, SARA 114-20-1-71st Bir. Sick Aid18-May-1971
SCHMIER, ROSE 114-20-1-111st Bir. Sick Aid11-May-1960
SCHNEIDER, DANIEL 5-3-C-A/B-17B. Young Men’s10-Aug-1958
SCHNELL, ABRAHAM (ABE) 5-3-C-4-2B. Young Men’s09-May-1965
SCHNELL, ANNIE 6-17-K-1-71st Bir. S & B08-Jul-1922
SCHNELL, NATHAN 5-3-C-3-9B. Young Men’s07-Feb-1963
SCHNELL, SAMUEL (SAM) 6-17-K-6-31st Bir. S & B04-Mar-1942
SCHNELL, SARAH 5-3-C-4-1B. Young Men’s22-Oct-1963
SCHNELL, SARAH 5-3-C-3-8B. Young Men’s01-Feb-1980
SCHNELL, SOLOMON 5-3-C-C-4B. Young Men’s23-Mar-1924
SCHWARTZ, — 5-3-C-C-8B. Young Men’s18-Aug-1927
SCHWARTZ, ABRAHAM 5-3-C-4-8B. Young Men’s07-Feb-1964
SCHWARTZ, ANNA 5-3-C-4-9B. Young Men’s23-Mar-1991
SCHWARTZ, EDNA 6-17-K-A-71st Bir. S & B06-Mar-1915
SCHWIMMER, IRVING 5-3-C-1-13B. Young Men’s04-Apr-1939
SEPTIMUS, STEPHEN JED 5-3-C-D-19B. Young Men’s21-Jul-1944
SHAPIRO, ARNOLD ALEXANDER 12-22-G-7-32B. Young Men’s04-Sep-1986
SHAPIRO, SHIRLEY 12-22-G-7-31B. Young Men’s21-Jul-2003
SHEINER, DOROTHY 6-17-K-A-91st Bir. S & B27-Apr-1923
SHENBERG, BEN 12-22-G-8-31B. Young Men’s01-Sep-1971
SHENBERG, RUTH 12-22-G-8-32B. Young Men’s04-Feb-1978
SHEPPER, DAVID 12-22-G-6-31B. Young Men’s10-Oct-1976
SHEPPER, ROSE 12-22-G-6-32B. Young Men’s19-Jan-2006
SHIMBERG, FEYGA 12-22-G-8-37B. Young Men’s17-Nov-1985
SHOSTAK, MILDRED 114-20-2-101st Bir. Sick Aid12-Jun-1962
SILVERMAN, ABRAHAM 5-3-C-C/D-22B. Young Men’s08-Mar-1959
SILVERMAN, ANNA 5-3-C-A/B-2B. Young Men’s05-Jun-1964
SILVERMAN, FRANK 5-3-C-A/B-1B. Young Men’s04-Feb-1955
SILVERMAN, MENDEL 6-17-K-2-21st Bir. S & B29-Jul-1931
SILVERMAN, SARAH 6-17-K-4-71st Bir. S & B13-Jan-1938
SIMPEL, Jeannette 114-20-5-31st Bir. Sick Aid30-Jun-2015
SIMPEL, NATHAN 114-20-5-31st Bir. Sick Aid23-Nov-1991
SLONIM, EUGENE 12-22-G-13-31B. Young Men’s10-Feb-1995
SLONIM, Marilyn12-22-G-13-32B. Young Men’s14-Jun-2010
SOFFER, ZLATO 114-20-2-61st Bir. Sick Aid30-Dec-1959
STAHL, DORA 12-22-G-6-43B. Young Men’s24-Sep-1999
STAHL, ISIDORE 12-22-G-6-42B. Young Men’s11-Sep-1976
STEINBERG, ROSE (née STAHL) 12-22-G-6-44B. Young Men’s08-Mar-1979
STEINER, EVA 12-22-G-7-35B. Young Men’s09-Sep-1984
STEINER, FREDY 12-22-G-7-34B. Young Men’s04-Dec-1993
STERZER, ANNIE 5-3-C-D-11B. Young Men’s02-May-1917
STERZER, BEATRICE 12-22-G-14-43B. Young Men’s30-Mar-2010
STERZER, Beatrice12-22-G-14-43B. Young Men’s30-Mar-2010
STERZER, BERTHA BINAH 12-22-G-14-42B. Young Men’s26-May-1972
STERZER, LOUIS 5-3-C-8-18B. Young Men’s17-Feb-1954
STERZER, Mona12-22-G-14-44B. Young Men’s26-Oct-2011
STERZER, MORRIS (MOSHE PINḤAS) 12-22-G-14-41B. Young Men’s10-Mar-1964
STERZER, YETTA 5-3-C-8-17B. Young Men’s25-Feb-1966
STRAUCH/YANNAR, ANNIE 5-3-C-7-3B. Young Men’s05-Sep-1912
STRAUS, CELIA 5-3-C-4-6B. Young Men’s11-Mar-1980
STRAUS, MEYER 5-3-C-4-7B. Young Men’s22-Jan-1964
STRAUS, MILTON 12-22-G-13-44B. Young Men’s08-Aug-2001
STRAUSS, ABRAHAM 6-17-K-11-11st Bir. S & B20-Feb-1927
STRAUSS, BERTHA 5-3-C-8-3B. Young Men’s04-Jan-1967
STRAUSS, Ray12-22-G-13-43B. Young Men’s25-Nov-2013
STRAUSS, SAM 6-17-K-B-21st Bir. S & B19-Mar-1923
STREFFEL, — 5-3-C-D-3B. Young Men’s07-Dec-1910
STUMMER, MAX 5-3-C-A/B-18B. Young Men’s18-Jan-1955
TEICH, IDA 114-20-2-41st Bir. Sick Aid04-Feb-1958
TEICH, MOSES 114-20-1-31st Bir. Sick Aid16-Jun-1948
TOBIN, LILLIAN 12-22-G-7-37B. Young Men’s01-Aug-1962
TOKAR, MICHAEL 5-3-C-8-11B. Young Men’s10-Apr-1997
TURK, MAX 12-22-G-9-44B. Young Men’s28-Mar-1970
TURK, SAMUEL J 5-3-C-A/B-16B. Young Men’s07-Sep-1958
TURK, SYLVIA 5-3-C-A/B-15B. Young Men’s21-Apr-1984
TURK, YETTA 12-22-G-9-43B. Young Men’s20-Mar-1989
WARSAW, FRIEDA 114-20-2-131st Bir. Sick Aid11-Jun-1992
WARSAW, MENDEL 114-20-2-141st Bir. Sick Aid30-Jul-1969
WARSAW, YETTA 114-20-2-151st Bir. Sick Aid29-May-1963
WEISS, ROSE 6-17-K-6-81st Bir. S & B22-Jul-1943
WEITZLER, MEYER 6-17-K-6-11st Bir. S & B22-Sep-1939
WERTHEIM, GERTRUDE 12-22-G-7-43B. Young Men’s26-Apr-1983
WERTHEIM, HARRY 12-22-G-7-43B. Young Men’s15-May-1948
WOLOSKY, JACOB 5-3-C-A/B-12B. Young Men’s21-Aug-1960
YARMARK, HANNAH 5-3-C-4-15B. Young Men’s24-Mar-1973
YARMARK, ISIDORE 5-3-C-A/B-13B. Young Men’s08-Jun-1976
YARMARK, ISIDORE 5-3-C-4-14B. Young Men’s25-Jul-1979
YARMARK, SARAH (SADIE) 5-3-C-A/B-14B. Young Men’s19-Oct-1960
YARMUSCH, SAMUEL (SAM) 114-20-3-161st Bir. Sick Aid02-Oct-1967
YARMUSCH, TILLIE 114-20-3-151st Bir. Sick Aid21-May-1992
YARMUSH, — 6-17-K-B-71st Bir. S & B02-Jun-1931
YARMUSH, — 6-17-K-B-81st Bir. S & B09-Jun-1931
YARMUSH, ABRAHAM SAMUEL 114-20-1-131st Bir. Sick Aid02-Jun-1960
YARMUSH, ALEX 114-20-3-21st Bir. Sick Aid18-Dec-1950
YARMUSH, GERTRUDE 114-20-1-121st Bir. Sick Aid30-Jun-1989
YARMUSH, LILLIAN 114-20-7-101st Bir. Sick Aid16-Dec-1979
YARMUSH, OSIAS (YEHOSHUA TSVI) 6-17-K-9-11st Bir. S & B02-Mar-1940
YAWITZ, LEON 114-20-6-61st Bir. Sick Aid13-Aug-1969
YAWITZ, PAULINE 114-20-2-11st Bir. Sick Aid06-Apr-1948
YAWITZ, REBA 114-20-4-121st Bir. Sick Aid17-Aug-1991
ZALMANOWITZ, S/B 5-3-C-C-BB. Young Men’s28-Nov-1942
ZARETSKY, LOUIS 5-3-C-1-12B. Young Men’s16-Jul-1939
ZELMANOWITZ, BEATRICE 5-3-C-3-6B. Young Men’s26-Dec-1961
ZIMMERMAN, HANNAH 114-20-4-71st Bir. Sick Aid24-Jan-1967
ZIMMERMAN, HANNAH HELEN 114-20-5-61st Bir. Sick Aid21-Nov-1992
ZIMMERMAN, HELEN 6-17-K-B-61st Bir. S & B19-Jan-1929
ZIMMERMAN, MAX 114-20-4-61st Bir. Sick Aid12-Aug-1965

bircza landsmanshaft cemetery plots

The following is a list of cemetery plots of Bircza ‘community associations’ (landsmanshaftn). This list has been compiled through the New York City Jewish Genealogical Society website, which has a searchable database here. Hover your mouse above hyperlinked (green) societies to find out more information about them and their records.

*NEW* Photographs (taken 30 August 2006) of the burial societies’ grave markers can be found below. The photographs will open at a large resolution and resize automatically to fit your screen. To zoom in or out, simply click on the image with the mouse.

Society name


Plot location(s)

Birczer Young Men’s Benevolent Society Founded: 1897
YIVO landsmanshaftn collection: RG (Record Group) 1003 (1926–1954)
Established old-age and loan funds for members. File (written in Yiddish/German with Roman alphabet) includes constitution, minutes, and miscellaneous materials, such as a letter from an artisans union in Bircza (1926).

New York City Jewish Genealogical Society
Guide to the YIVO archives, ed. Fruma Mohrer and Marek Web (Armonk, New York: M E Sharpe, 1998), p. 34 no. 102.

[photos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6]
Mt Hebron (Flushing, Queens, New York) block 5, ref. 3; block 12, ref. 22
First Birczer Sick & Benevolent (or Sick Benefit) Association Incorporated: 1907
AJHS file no. 1435

Source: New York City Jewish Genealogical Society.

[photos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5]
Mt Hebron (Flushing, Queens, New York) block 6, ref. 17
First Birczer Sick Aid Association Incorporated: 1912
AJHS file no. 5347

Source: New York City Jewish Genealogical Society.

[photos: 1 | 2 | 3]
Mt Hebron (Flushing, Queens, New York) block 114, ref. 20

jacek proszyk’s gravestone list, 2001

In 2001, Jacek Proszyk compiled a list of names from tombstones in the Bircza cemetery and contributed the list to the Bircza Online website. If a gravestone indicated a surname, it is listed below in capital letters, usually according to Jacek’s transliteration (with some modifications and additions). Some of the gravestones have been photographed and can be found here. If an individual name below is hyperlinked in green, you can click on it to be transported directly to its photograph. For some gravestones whose images appear elsewhere on this site, the Hebrew names and dates appear as well.

  1. Natan Nata, son of Wolf, d. 1804 (oldest)
  2. Aba, son of Cwi Schmeinberg, d. 1889
  3. Abraham Jehoszua, son of Jakoba, d. 1889
  4. Arie, son of Mosze, d. 1919
  5. Ḥayy[ah] Braindel, daughter of Samuel Jakob, d. January–February 1920 (Shvat 5680)
    חי בריינדל בת שמואל יעקב ז"ל, נפ' בשבט תר"פ
  6. Chana Mindel daughter of Szymon Menachem, d. 1920
  7. Dawid son of Jehoszua, d. 1917
  8. Dawid, d. 1881
  9. Henoch, son of Zarua (Zerach), d. 1830
  10. Yitsḥaq Ajzyk, son of Samuel Zanwel [Raphael] ha-Lewi, d. 14 September 1922 (21 Elul 5682)
    יצחק אייזק בן שמואל רפאל הלוי, נפ' כ"א אלול תרפ"ב
  11. Josef, son of Mosze Meller, d. 1914
  12. Majer, son of Dawid ha-Lewi, d. 1899
  13. Majer, d. 1809
  14. Mosze Majer, son of Naftali Herc/Herz
  15. Naftali, d. 1841
  16. Rebeka, daughter of Aron ha-Kohen [KaTS], d. 10 June 1836 (25 Sivan 5596)
    רבקה בת אהרן כ"ץ, נפ' כ"ה סיוון תקצ"ו
  17. Rebeka, daughter of Zeew, d. 1888

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