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Bierfass, Bykov, Drozhanski, Fisz, Freifeld, Gärtner, Goldsmith, Hamer, Hoch, Lauberfeld, Lischner, Löwenthal, Mond, Orling, Rothstein, Schnell, Tepper, Tobias, Turner, Puryc

Bircza area, Drohobych, Dynów, Jawornik Ruski, Khyriv (Chyrów), Korzeniec, Leszczawa Dolna, Moscow, Mrzygłód, Nowa Wieś, Poltawa, Przemyśl, Rybotycze, Sanok, Vinnitsa, Żohatyń [Poland, Ukraine, and Russia]
New York City [United States]


bircza online lists

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In research on Bircza, I have come across many useful lists of residents, survivors, and more. These lists are of great use to genealogists and other researchers. I have organised as best I can and posted them here. Browse the lists by using the index at right, rather than scrolling down, since some of the lists are larger and are located on separate pages. Some, like the commerce listings, were donated graciously by various individuals, whom I thank for their kind help. Likewise, if you have information, please share it with the rest of the Bircza researcher community by contacting me.

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jewish community election list, 1904

This is a list of eligible Jews who could participate in elections for the staff of the Bircza Jewish community in 1904. Several of the individuals on this list also appear on a signature list from 1904 (below) and I have matched them to the list through hyperlinks. Jacek Proszyk has graciously contributed and transcribed this list.



Abeles, AbrahamJawornik
Adolf, JosefBrzuska
Amster, RafalBircza
Appel, IzraelBircza Stara
Arm, DawidBircza
Arm, Izak HerszLeszczawa Dolna
Arm, LeibBircza
Arm, LuzerBircza
Bachman, JosefBircza
Baranker, GerszonBircza
Beer, HerszLeszczawa Górna
Beer, JosefBircza
Beisem, NatanBircza
Berger, Abraham JBircza
Berger, BeryszBircza
Berger, ChajeBircza
Berger, ElkeBircza
Berger, MarcusBircza
Berger, MendelBircza
Berger, RifkeBircza
Berger, RubinJawornik
Berger, SalamonBircza
Berger, Samuel JakobBircza
Bernstein, IzakBircza
Bigeleisen, Ch. SchajaBrzeżawa
Blau, AbrahamBircza
Blau, HerszJawornik
Blau, IsakBircza
Brander, JosefBircza
Broner, MechelBircza
Broner, ZelmanBircza
Charak, HerzekBircza
Charast, MendelMalawa
Dorenfest, Adolf Dr.Bircza
Dornbusch, ChaimBircza
Dyler, SamuelBrzeżawa
Dym , MosesMalawa
Eichner, DawidJawornik
Engelard, HerszPiątkowa
Engelard, NuchemBircza
Engelard, SamuelPiątkowa
Engelberg, HerszBircza
Etner?, SzuraBircza
Feit, ChajeBircza
Feit, MarkusLachawa
Feit, MosesBircza
Feit, MosesRudawka
Feit, SamuelBircza
Feiwisz, IsakRozpucia
Feld, DawidŻohatyń
Felder, JudaJawornik
Feldman, MojzeszBircza
Felner, JosefBircza
Fingerhaut, SalomonBircza
Gelber, Sz.Bircza
Gewerz, SamuelBircza
Glanzman, SamsonBircza
Glat, LeibBircza
Glatt, DawidBircza
Gleicher, ChajeBircza
Gliksman, MarkusBircza Stara
Gliksman, MenaszeJasienice
Goldman, IsakBircza Stara
Grappel, PeisechKrecow
Grappel, PinkusBircza Stara
Grinbaum, MosesBircza
Grinhaut, JuliuszJawornik
Grosman, JakubBircza
Grosman, LeaBircza
Grosman, MarkusBrzeżawa
Grosman, NisenKorzeniec
Grosman, SzijaBircza
Grunbaum, SamuelBircza
Gutt, ChaimŁódzinka
Gutt, JakubBircza
Gutwirth, Majer HerszJawornik
Hamada, ChaimBircza
Heidenkorn, SzulemBircza
Heller, SalomonNowa Wieś
Henig, BenzionBircza
Himelstein, HerszBircza Stara
Himelstein, MeilechBircza
Holz, HerszBircza
Holz, KalmanBircza
Holz, SamuelBircza
Holz, SeinwelBircza
Holz, SenderBircza
Hornik, JosefLeszczawka
Hubner, BaruchBircza Stara
Igel, JosefBircza
Intrater, MendelBircza
Jarmusz, DawidBircza
Jarmusz, PajeBircza
Jarmusz, SamuelBircza
Jarmusz, Sya HerszBogoszowka
Kampel, ChaimLeszczawa Górna
Kampel, JakobRostoka
Katz, JonasBircza
Katz, MajerBircza
Kern, AbrahamBircza
Kern, ChumeBircza
Kestenbaum, DawidBircza
Koch , MarkusBircza
Krameisen, SaneBircza
Kremer, Natan LeibBircza
Krieg, IsakBircza
Krosz?, LeibPiątkowa
Kuflig?, EsterBircza
Langsam, ChaimKuzmina
Langsam, EfroimBircza
Langsam, IsakBircza
Langsam, Isak D.Bircza
Langsam, IsraelKuzmina
Langsam, SamuelBircza
Leser, PinkasBircza
Lesser, RuchelBircza
Lewi, MajerLeszczawa Dolna
Lindenblit, IsraelSufczyna
Lorberfeld, NaftaliBircza
Majer, AronBircza
Majer, HerzelBircza
Majer, NaftaliBircza
Markel, SzyjaBircza
Meller, IsraelNowa Wieś
Meller, MosesLeszczawa Dolna
Meller, NachmanPiątkowa
Metz, DawidJawornik
Metzger?, BerlBircza
Mildworf, JakubBogoszówka
Mond, BeniaminBircza
Mond, GerszonBircza
Mond, MosesKorzeniec
Morzel, LeieBircza
Neger, SelmanBrzoska
Neis, SimonBircza
Ordam?, WolfBircza Stara
Orling, HerszBrzeżawa
Orling, JakobDobrzanka
Orling, LuzerBorownica
Orling, Mendel Sz.Dobra
Orling, SalmanDobrzanka
Pelc, MendelBircza
Pelz, HerszSufczyna
Pinczowski, LeiserBircza
Pinczowski, LibeBircza
Pollner, IzakBircza
Rabner, IsakBircza Stara
Rathaus, SalamonBircza Stara
Rawner, MajerWola Korzeniewska
Rinde, HerszBircza
Rinder, JosefBircza
Rinder, SalomonBircza
Ringel, AbrahamBircza
Ringel, AbrahamBrzuska
Ringel, AbrahamHuta Brzuska
Ringel, IsakSufczyna
Ringel, JakobHuta Brzuska
Ringel, MeilechHuta Brzuska
Ringel, MosesBircza Stara
Ringel, NaftaliBrzuska
Ringel, NathanBrzuska
Ripp, DawidBircza
Ripp, EisikBircza
Ripp, LeibBircza Stara
Roht, IsakLeszczawka
Roht, IsraelMalawa
Roht, MajerLeszczawka
Roht, MenaszeMalawa
Rotenberg, IsakŻohatyń
Rotenberg, IsraelŻohatyń
Roth, KalmanBircza
Roth, MerjemBircza
Roth, SenderBircza
Rotner, LuzerBircza
Rubenfeld, AbrahamBircza
Rubenfeld, MalkeBircza
Rubinfeld, DawidBircza
Rubinfeld, EfroimBircza
Rubinfeld, JosefKorzeniec
Rubinfeld, SamsonBircza
Rubinfeld, ZismanKorzeniec
Salik, BoruchBircza
Salik, JosefBircza
Schweber, FeiwelKrecow
Simon, ChaimBircza
Sobel, MenachemBircza
Soffer, SzulemBircza
Spigel, SamsonBircza
Spigel, Samuel J.Bircza
Spigel, Samuel L.Bircza
Sprecher, HerszBrzeżawa
Sprecher, RubinBrzeżawa
Stalbach, HerszBircza
Stein, DawidBircza
Steinberg, TaubeBircza
Steppel, BerilLipa
Steppel, DawidŻohatyń
Steppel, HerszLipa
Steppel, MenaszeBircza
Steppel, NaftaliPiątkowa
Steppel, ReizelBircza
Straus, AbrahamBircza Stara
Straus, DawidBircza
Straus, EliasDobra
Straus, MenaszeLeszczawa Górna
Straus, SamuelLeszczawa Górna
Szeiner, AbrahamŻohatyń
Szeiner, MosesŻohatyń
Szenker, Isak HerszBircza
Szenker, IzraelJawornik
Sziff, AbrahamLeszczawa Górna
Sziff, JosefBircza
Sziff, MosesNowa Wieś
Szilberg, MachleBircza
Szimel, ChaimLeszczawa Dolna
Szimmel, Moses MajerBircza
Szneid, ChaimBircza
Szneid, LeibBircza
Sznel, AronBircza
Sznell, AronBircza Stara
Sznell, JakubBircza Stara
Sznell, Leib AKotow
Sznell, Leib MBircza
Sznizler, MosesBircza
Szpet, EmanuelKotow
Szteinbach, IsakBircza
Sztiwel, SzyjaBircza
Szwarz, AbrahamNowa Wieś
Szweber, EisikBircza
Taszel?, LeizorBrzuska
Taubenfeld, JakobBircza
Tepper, JoneNowa Wieś
Traum?, MosesBircza
Turk, AbrahamBorownica
Turk, M. JosefBircza
Urem, BerelBircza
Urem, IteBircza
Urem, SchajaBircza
Waserstein, MosesBircza
Werner, DawidPiątkowa
Werner, IzakBrzeżawa
Werner, MechelSufczyna
Werner, MeilechPiątkowa
Werner, MosesBrzeżawa
Wilk, MosesDobra
Willner, MendelBircza
Willner, SalomonBircza
Winter, MarcusBircza
Wolfinger, MendelBircza
Wolfling, EfraimSufczyna
Wrobel, J. ChaimBircza
Zeichner, SamuelWola Korzeniecka
Zeichner, SchajaKorzeniec
Zeiff, GerszonBircza
Zuckerman, SchulimBircza
Zupnik, BeileBircza
Zupnik, KelmanBircza
Zwick?, SimonBircza

jewish community signatures, 1904

This list consists of signatures of various members of the Bircza Jewish community, although the document to which they appended their signatures is missing. Some numbers and symbols at the bottom-right of the page may be bureaucratic or archival markings, but I do not know their meaning and would appreciate any suggestions. Below, I have transcribed the signatures, as they appear in the document (not alphabetically). Of course, given the nature of signatures, it was not easy to transcribe all the names, and I have marked the names that presented me with particular difficulty with a question mark (?). Nevertheless, I have been able to match several of the signers with individuals appearing the Jewish community election list (also from 1904, above). Similarly, I have matched some names with individuals who appeared in the Jewish community tax list (from 1897, below). You can view the document yourself, by clicking here. This list has been graciously contributed by Jacek Proszyk.

[jewish community tax list, 1897]
(click on the image to enlarge)


Column 1

Column 2

Column 3

Shyin Blum Samuel Diller [1897]
Brzyzzowy [from Brzeżawa]
Osias Werner
Brzyzowy [from Brzeżawa]
  Dawid Werner [1897]
Piondkowy [from Piątkowa]
Natan Beisem [1897] Hersz Arm
Hersch Himelstein [1897] Abraham Diller
Brzyzzowy [from Brzeżawa]
הירש ראבן פעלד
Hersch Rubinfeld
Jakób Sałik
Mendel Leser? Mendel Talmud
Mai...? Synow...?
Mozes Rozner Leib Schneid [1897]
Josel Rubenfeld Meier Langsam
Leiser ?
Szije Grosman [1897] Leib Snel [1897]
Szame Lewintol Jakób Schechter 14165-92
Samuel Grünbaum [1897] Abraham Dyler 53/
Dawid Juni Zelman Orling [1897] III губ
Chim Leizel Szulim Cukierman [1897]  
Słomy Rinder [1897]
Tabrahm Bercer
[Abraham Berger?]
Szyja Szułom Lorberfeld
Moyer Langsam Naftałe Lorberfeld [1897]
Boruch Salik [1897] Leib Bergir
Stary Birczy [from Stara Bircza]
Benjamen Mond [1897] 7
Zusman Rubinfeld [1897] Eisyk Mond 64274
Josef Schif [1897] Elo Apt 7147/
Abraham Talmud Mozes Apt I
Mojzess Leiser Schimel Hercel? Lemen?  

bircza jewish community tax list, 1897

This list notes the Jews from the Bircza area who contributed funds (‘taxes’) for the Bircza Jewish community budget. Several of the individuals on this list also appear on a signature list from 1904 (below) and I have matched them to the list through hyperlinks. Jacek Proszyk graciously contributed and transcribed this list.




Abelis, AbrahampropertyJawornik Ruski
Abt, BoruchworkerBircza
Apt, Aron MosesworkerBircza
Apt, EliaszmerchantBircza
Apt, MendelpropertyBircza
Arm, LeibshoemakerBircza
Ast, CalilworkerBircza Stara
Bachman, JosefworkerBircza
Bachman, MosesglazierBircza
Baranki, GerszoninnBircza
Baum, Hersz and JentatailorBircza
Beisem, Natanmerchant of kornBircza
Berger, AronworkerBircza
Berger, BeriszworkerBircza
Berger, EizykpropertyKotow
Berger, LeibpropertyBircza
Berger, RyfkamerchantBircza
Berger, SalomonmerchantBircza
Berger, Samuel JakobworkerBircza
Berr, Herszleaseholder of grangeLeszczawa Górna
Berr, JoselmerchantBircza
Blau, AbrahammerchantBircza
Blau, Szyjamerchant of tabbacBircza
Blu, HerszmerchantJawornik Ruski
Blum, SalomonworkerBircza
Bodnar, SamuelpropertyŻohatyń
Brand, WolfdistilleryBrzeżawa
Broner, MechelpropertyBircza
Broner, ZelmanworkerBircza
Chanelis, LeibworkerBircza
Charas, MozespublicanMalawa
Dornbusz, ChaimmerchantBircza
Druker, BerilpropertyLeszczawa Górna
Dyler, SamuelpropertyBrzeżawa
Dyler, SymchemerchantRozpucie
Eichner, DawidmerchantJawornik Ruski
Engelberg, HerszmerchantBircza
Englard, HerszpublicanPiątkowa
Englard, NuchimworkerDobrzanka
Englard, SamuelpropertyPiątkowa
Feit, MosesshoemakerBircza
Feitt, ChajepropertyBircza
Feitt, SamuelpropertyBircza
Feld, DawidpropertyŻohatyń
Feldman, JudapublicanJawornik Ruski
Felner, JoselbailiffKotow
Fiskus, FeiwelworkerBircza
Fleiszer, JakobmerchantJawornik Ruski
Freifeld, JakobpropertyŻohatyń
Glanzman, SamsonworkerBircza
Glatt, DawidworkerBircza
Glatt, IsraelmerchantBircza
Gliksman, MarkusmerchantBircza Stara
Goldman, IzakworkerBircza
Goldstein, AbrahammerchantPiątkowa
Grapel, PinkaspublicanKrecow
Grosman, IzraelpropertyBircza
Grosman, JakobmerchantBircza
Grosman, SzyjamerchantBircza
Grumet?, RozjapublicanKotow
Grunbaum, SamuelmerchantBircza
Grunhaut, NechemanorJawornik Ruski
Gutt, ChaimpropertyŁódzinka Górna
Gutt, JakobmerchantBircza
Harak, HerszworkerBircza
Heler, SzlomapropertyŻohatyń
Himelstein, HerszpropertyBircza Stara
Himelstein, MeilechmerchantBircza
Hoch, IzraelpropertyKuzmina
Hoch, Mozes JosefshoemakerJawornik Ruski
Hoffner, GerszonpropertyTarnawka
Hoffner, NaftalipublicanLachawa
Holz, HerszworkerBircza
Holz, HindapropertyBircza
Holz, KelmantailorBircza
Holz, SamuelmerchantBircza
Hornik, JoselworkerLeszczawka
Hutt, EfroimpropertyRostoka
Igel, Majer JakobmerchantBircza
Igel, NoemerchantBircza
Jarmark, KelmakpropertyŁódzinka Górna
Jarmusz, DawidmerchantBircza
Jarmusz, SamuelmerchantBircza
Jarmusz, Szyjaleaseholder of grangeKorzeniec
Juni, DawidworkerBircza
Jutrator, MendelpropertyBircza
Kalter, DawidpropertyJawornik Ruski
Kampel, ChaimpropertyLeszczawa Górna
Kampel, JakobmanorRostoka
Karp, NatanmerchantBircza
Kasser, WolfmerchantDobra
Katz, JonasworkerBircza
Kern, Chune and PajetailorBircza
Kestenbaum, DawidshoemakerBircza
Koch, MarkustailorBircza
Korn, AbrahampropertyBircza
Krameisen, SanyshaverBircza
Kremer, Natan LeibworkerBircza
Kresz, LeibpropertyPiątkowa
Krug, NatanworkerBircza
Kruger, AbrahampropertyLipa
Kuflik, SzymonpublicanNowa Wieś
Langsam, EfroimmerchantBircza
Langsam, EsteragrangeDobra
Langsam, Izak DawidworkerBircza
Langsam, MajermerchantBircza
Langsam, MajerpropertyRozpucie
Langsam, MozespropertyDobra
Langsam, SamuelmerchantDobra
Langsam, SrulinnKuzmina
Leibner, ChanineworkerBircza
Lesser, PinkaspropertyBircza
Lindenblith, IsraelpropertySufczyna
Lobel, EliasmerchantBircza
Lobel, MenachemworkerBircza
Loffer, SzulimglazierBircza
Lorberfeld, NaftalimerchantBircza
Low, MajerpropertyLeszczawa Dolna
Lustig, SzymonpropertyTarnawka
Lustug, LeibpropertyTarnawka
Lustug, SamuelpropertyTarnawka
Majer, HerszpropertyBircza
Majer, NaftalipropertyBircza
Mark, JakobinnJawornik Ruski
Marzel, Szyja Leibmerchant of alcoholBircza
Melber, NachmanpropertyPiątkowa
Meller, HerszpropertyŻohatyń
Meller, Joselleaseholder of grangeLeszczawa Górna
Meller, SzulmerchantBircza
Metz, DawidpropertyJawornik Ruski
Metz, FrimetpropertyJawornik Ruski
Metz, LeibpropertyJawornik Ruski
Metzger, Szymon ManeleworkerBircza
Mildworf, JakobpropertyKorzeniec
Mond, AbrahammerchantBircza
Mond, Baruch LeibmerchantBircza
Mond, BeniaminmerchantBircza
Mond, GerszonpropertyBircza
Mond, HerszworkerBircza
Mond, KalmanworkerBircza
Mond, LeibmerchantBircza
Mond, MozespublicanKorzeniec
Mond, UszermerchantBircza
Morzel, IsakmerchantBircza
Morzel, JosefmerchantBircza
Morzel, RafalmerchantBircza
Morzel, Rubinmerchant of ironBircza
Morzel, SzymonmerchantBircza
Neger, Zelman and EtlapublicanBrzuska
Neiss, SimonmerchantBircza
Orden, WolfpropertyBircza Stara
Orling, HerszpublicanBrzeżawa
Orling, JakobpropertyDobrzanka
Orling, LuzerworkerJawornik Ruski
Orling, MendelmerchantDobra
Orling, SzyapropertyJawornik Ruski
Orling, ZelmanpublicanDobrzanka
Ortner, ChaimmerchantJawornik Ruski
Ortner, MozesmerchantJawornik Ruski
Pelz, HerszpublicanSufczyna
Pelz, JakobworkerSufczyna
Pelz, MendelmerchantBircza
Pinczowski, LeiserworkerBircza
Piterman?, MarkusworkerBrzeżawa
Poller, DawidworkerBircza
Pollner, IzakshoemakerBircza
Rabner, IzakpropertyBircza Stara
Rabner, MajermerchantBircza
Rathaus, JoselpropertyŁódzinka Górna
Rathaus, SalomonpublicanBircza Stara
Reich, PinkasmanorJawornik Ruski
Rinder, JosefworkerBircza
Rinder, SalomonmerchantBircza
Ringel, AbrahammerchantBircza
Ringel, HendelpublicanSufczyna
Ringel, Izakbarrier tollageSufczyna
Ringel, MatesmerchantBircza
Ringel, MeilechpublicanHuta Brzuska
Ringel, MozespropertyBircza Stara
Ringel, NenciapubicanBrzuska
Ringel, ZofiamanorBrzuska
Rotenberg, BoruchpropertyJawornik Ruski
Rotenberg, IzraelpropertyŻohatyń
Roth, BerkopropertyLeszczawa Dolna
Roth, Hersz LeibpropertyBircza
Roth, IzakpropertyLeszczawka
Roth, IzraelpropertyLipa
Roth, KalmanmerchantBircza
Roth, MajerpropertyLeszczawka
Roth, ManaszepropertyMalawa
Rottenberg, IzakpropertyŻohatyń
Rozner, MozesmerchantBircza
Rubinfeld, DawidworkerBircza
Rubinfeld, HerszpropertyBircza
Rubinfeld, MozesworkerBircza
Rubinfeld, SalomonworkerBircza
Rubinfeld, SamsonmerchantBircza
Rubinfeld, SusmanworkerBircza
Ryb, LeibpropertyBircza Stara
Ryb, MajerworkerBircza
Ryf?, JoselpropertyLeszczawa Dolna
Rypp, DawidpropertyŻohatyń
Rypp, EizykmerchantBircza
Salik, BoruchmerchantBircza
Salik, JakobshopBircza
Salik, JosefworkerBircza
Saurbrun?, AbrahamworkerBircza
Schechter, JakobworkerBircza
Scheinbach, IsakmanorDobrzanka
Scheiner, Cypraegg merchantBrzuska
Scheiner, JakobworkerBircza
Scheiner, JosefworkerBircza
Schimel, LeibpropertyPiątkowa
Schind, Hersz Aron and MindlapublicanLeszczawa Dolna
Schneid, ChaimtailorBircza
Schneid, LeibtailorBircza
Schnell, AronworkerBircza
Schnell, JakobpublicanBircza Stara
Schnell, LeibmerchantBircza
Schnell, LeibworkerBircza
Schnicler, MozeszmerchantBircza
Schonker, SchofpropertyJawornik Ruski
Schulberg, MachlamerchantBircza
Schweber, FeiwelpropertyKrecow
Schyff, AbrahampropertyLeszczawa Górna
Schyff, ChaimpropertyLeszczawa Górna
Schyff, EsterapropertyLipa
Schyff, JosefworkerBircza
Schyff, MajerpropertyLeszczawa Dolna
Schyff, N.publicanRudawka
Schyff, TaubapropertyLipa
Simon, Chaim WigdorworkerBircza
Sobel, SzulimmerchantBircza
Sok, MeilechworkerBircza
Spigel, SamuelpropertyWola Korzeniecka
Spigel, Samuel JakobtinmanBircza
Spigel, SzamapropertyWola Korzeniecka
Spira, DwojrapropertyLeszczawa Dolna
Sprecher, RubinworkerBrzeżawa
Stolbach, HerszworkerBircza
Straus, DawidworkerBircza
Straus, EliaszmerchantDobra
Sznell, AronpropertyŻohatyń
Sztepel, NaftalipublicanPiątkowa
Szteppel, BerilpublicanLipa
Szteppel, ReizelpropertyBircza
Sztyfel, SzyaworkerBircza
Talmud, MendelpropertyBircza
Taubenfeld, JakobpropertyBircza
Tepper, JonaspropertyNowa Wieś
Traum, MozesbakerBircza
Tuchfeld, JosefbricklayerBircza
Turk, Mozes JosefmerchantBircza
Turk, SamuelpropertyJawornik Ruski
Unger, IzakpropertyBrzuska
Urem, BerilpropertyBircza
Urem, Chaim LissepropertyBircza
Urem, GedaleworkerBircza
Urem, IzakmerchantBircza
Urem, SchajeworkerBircza
Uri, ChawaworkerBircza
Weinberg, NusynpublicanKuzmina
Werner, DawidmanorPiątkowa
Werner, MechelapropertySufczyna
Werner, MeilechmerchantPiątkowa
Werner, MozespublicanBrzeżawa
Werner, OsiaspropertyBrzeżawa
Wertenheim, MozesmerchantJawornik Ruski
Wilk, MozesbutcherDobra
Wilner, SalomonmerchantBircza
Winter, MarkusmerchantBircza
Wrubel, Isak ChaimmerchantBircza
Zeichner, SchajepropertyŻohatyń
Zeichner, SzmulpropertyWola Korzeniecka
Zeiff, GerszonmerchantBircza
Ziner, AbrahamworkerBircza
Zukerman, SzulimworkerBircza
Zupnik, KalmanworkerBircza
Zwick, SzymonmerchantBircza

jewish community election list, 1870

This is a list of eligible Jews who could participate in elections for the staff of the Bircza Jewish community in 1870. Suzan Wynne and Jacek Proszyk have graciously contributed and transcribed this list.



House no(s).

Line no.

APT, LeibmanufacturerN/A65
BACHMAN, HerschmanufacturerN/A66
BERGER, Naftalihomeowner18727
BERGER, SzyjatraderN/A8
BERGER, WolfmanufacturerN/A26
BLAU, Masciahomeowner170128
BLAU, Szyjahomeowner, publisher156, 19, 165, 1751
FAJGE, Jankellandlord6121
FEIT, EisigJewish objects dealer11, 2046
FILER, Lajehomeowner97113
GOLDMANN, Jankielhomeowner121102
GROSS , Leibhomeowner132117
GROSSMAN, Josef LeibmanufacturerN/A74
HABER, Kelmanmanufacturer2989
HIMELSTEIN, Meilachmanufacturer18129
HUT, EliasmanufacturerN/A75
IGEL, Noemanufacturer11810
LANGSAM, Leibtrader107-82
LEISER, LeibmanufacturerN/A69
LOW, LeibmanufacturerN/A67
MAJER, Mendel Lemerhomeowner169127
MOND, HerschmanufacturerN/A41
MOND, MendelmanufacturerN/A42
MORSEL, Majertrader12, 18,365
MORSEL, RubinmanufacturerN/A12
MORSEL, Szyja Leibmanufacturer1714
POLNER, HerschmanufacturerN/A43
RINDER, Hersch LeibmanufacturerN/A72
ROSNER, HerschmanufacturerN/A56
ROTH, SzajamanufacturerN/A70
RUBINFELD, Abraham Shlomomanufacturer10061
RUBINFELD, MendelmanufacturerN/A71
RUBINFELD, ?manufacturerN/A32
SALIK, Majerreal estateN/A9
SALIK, SrulmanufacturerN/A76
SCHACHTER, Josefhomeowner124116
SCHNELL, Moses & Joselmanufacturer15522
SOBOL, AronmanufacturerN/A73
SOBOL, Froimhomeowner8796
SPEIGEL, Joelhomeowner111114
SPIRA, MosesrabbiN/A154
TALMUD, ?manufacturer10936
YARMUSCH, Mechelbaker15747

jewish community election list, 1867

This is a list of eligible Jews who could participate in elections for the staff of the Bircza Jewish community in 1867. Suzan Wynne and Jacek Proszyk have graciously contributed and transcribed this list.


House no(s).

Line no.

APT, Mendel Majer20/172
BACHMAN, ?20/174
BEK, Schlomo Abr10941
BERGER, Leib20/175
BERGER, Majer19/37
BERGER, MechelN/A28
BLAU, LeibN/A3
FEIT, Meilach30, 12/242
FREUND, Srul20/198
GOLDMANN, Zysio12163
GROSSMAN, Dobra18/158
GROSSMAN, Eisig20/182
HELLER, Mendel10059
IGEL, Hersch18/158
IGEL, MendelN/A27
KARPF, Hersch10664
LANGSAM, Meilach107-81
LANGSAM, Szaja1069
LEISER, Natan20/170
LEW, Srul20/169
MOND, Efraim3521
MOND, Majer13420
MORSEL, Eisig1723
MORSEL, Hersch1722
MORSEL, Mortko12/76, 42/22
MOSLER, Mendel LemerN/A97
POLNER, Szaje LeibN/A25
RINDER, Leib20/179
ROSNER, Aron20/177
ROTH, Aron Josef20/180
ROTH, Leib20/176
RUBENFELD, Hersch Leib20/178
SALIK, Szaja118
SCHACHTER, Leib20/181
SOBOL, Szaje20/171

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