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Bierfass, Bykov, Drozhanski, Fisz, Freifeld, Gärtner, Goldsmith, Hamer, Hoch, Lauberfeld, Lischner, Löwenthal, Mond, Orling, Rothstein, Schnell, Tepper, Tobias, Turner, Puryc

Bircza area, Drohobych, Dynów, Jawornik Ruski, Khyriv (Chyrów), Korzeniec, Leszczawa Dolna, Moscow, Mrzygłód, Nowa Wieś, Poltawa, Przemyśl, Rybotycze, Sanok, Vinnitsa, Żohatyń [Poland, Ukraine, and Russia]
New York City [United States]


bircza online images and photos

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The images below have been collected from various individuals and researchers who have obtained (or taken) photographs of the Bircza area, or images relating to the community. At the right of the page, you will find an index for the photographs, separating them by category. Large pictures have been reduced in size to fit below; to view the full size, click on the photo. Information about the origin of the pictures (such as the photographer) is included below each one; these individuals own the rights to these images and must be contacted if you intend to distribute or reproduce them. If you have any images of this region, please contribute them to the website by contacting me. By pooling our resources, we can keep the spirit of qehīllat Bircza alive.

other noted buildings

the bircza manor, c. 1911

The large manor in Bircza, c. 1911. The oldest and most prestigious family in Bircza lived there for hundreds of years. Jonas Lewental recalls that the manor owner died, succeeded by his son who was shortly killed in a riding accident. The heir had many half-brothers through his father’s nurse, but he had been the only true-blood heir.
Postcard owner: Chris Wozniak, [1911]

bircza manor entrance

The entrance to the Bircza manor’s access road.
Credit: Lilli Rubenov, 2005


The Bircza school.
Credit: Lilli Rubenov, 2005

bircza castle postcard

Postcard of the neo-Gothic castle in Bircza, after the Second World War.
Credit: Joanna Zientek, 2000

bircza castle (painting)

Painting of the Bircza Castle by Antoni Rudawski. For more information about this remarkable Bircza teacher and painter, click here.
Painted: Antoni Rudawski, undated
Credit: Joanna Zientek, 2001

krasiczyn castle (painting)

Painting of the Krasiczyn Castle by Antoni Rudawski. For more information about this remarkable Bircza teacher and painter, click here.
Painted: Antoni Rudawski, 1960
Credit: Joanna Zientek, 2001


19th-c. bircza townsfolk (painting)

Painting of 19th-Century Bircza townsfolk in holiday dress by Antoni Rudawski. For more information about this remarkable Bircza teacher and painter, click here.
Painted: Antoni Rudawski, undated
Credit: Joanna Zientek, 2000

löwenthal family, late 1920s

The Löwenthal family outside their home in the late 1920s. From left to right: Mindl and Dawid (back row); Matilda, Jonas, and Sara (front row).
Credit: Jonas Lewental, late 1920s

pre-war schoolboard

This photo depicts the Bircza school board (prior to the Second World War), which included the former head master (who was killed by the Russians at Katyń), the Rabbi, the Polish and Ukrainian priests, and the teachers with Antoni Rudawski among them (second from the right, bottom).

school play, c. 1934

Picture of Bircza school children of Polish, Jewish, and Ukrainian nationalities performing a well-known fairy tale, around 1934.
Credit: Joanna Zientek, 1934

school faculty, late 1940s

Photo of the Bircza school teachers, including Antoni Rudawski (left, at top), taken shortly after the Second World War.
Credit: Joanna Zientek, late 1940s

teachers in the market place

Antoni Rudawski and some of his colleagues at the Bircza market place, after the Second World War.

antoni rudawski, 1960s

Antoni Rudawski, in his 60s (during the 1960s).
Credit: Joanna Zientek, 1960s

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image index

main roads and city sites

  1. countryside photo #1
  2. countryside photo #2
  3. city centre photo #1
  4. city centre photo #2
  5. city centre photo #3
  6. delicatessen
  7. market square photo #1
  8. market square photo #2
  9. market square photo #3
  10. administrative building
  11. main road photo #1
  12. main road photo #2
  13. main road photo #3
  14. main road photo #4
  15. street photo #1
  16. street photo #2
  17. street photo #3
  18. street photo #4
  19. street photo #5
  20. street photo #6
  21. street photo #7
  22. street photo #8
  23. street photo #9
  24. szkolna st (painting)
  25. bircza in winter (painting)
  26. old oak photo #1
  27. old oak photo #2
  28. old oak photo #3
  29. nearby forest
  30. bircza postcard #1
  31. bircza postcard #2
  32. bircza postcard #3

other places near bircza

  1. brzezawa
  2. kreców

jewish cemetery

  1. cemetery gate
  2. cemetery sign #1
  3. cemetery sign #2
  4. cemetery sign #3
  5. cemetery photo #1
  6. cemetery photo #2
  7. cemetery photo #3
  8. cemetery photo #4
  9. cemetery photo #5
  10. cemetery photo #6
  11. cemetery photo #7
  12. cemetery photo #8
  13. cemetery photo #9
  14. cemetery photo #10
  15. cemetery photo #11
  16. gravestone #1
  17. 1836 gravestone #1
  18. 1836 gravestone #2
  19. 1836 gravestone #3
  20. 1920 gravestone #1
  21. 1920 gravestone #2
  22. 1922 gravestone #1
  23. 1922 gravestone #2
  24. gravestone #5
  25. gravestone #6
  26. gravestone #7
  27. gravestone #8
  28. gravestone #9
  29. gravestone #10
  30. gravestone #11
  31. gravestone #12

other religious places

  1. synagogue #1
  2. synagogue #2
  3. synagogue #3
  4. rabbi’s house
  5. miqvah
  6. view of church
  7. priest’s house photo #1
  8. priest’s house photo #2
  9. priest’s house photo #3
  10. priest’s house photo #4
  11. presbytery (painting)

other noted buildings

  1. bircza manor
  2. bircza manor entrance
  3. school
  4. bircza castle postcard
  5. bircza castle (painting)
  6. krasiczyn castle (painting)


  1. 19th-c. bircza townsfolk (painting)
  2. löwenthal family, late 1920s
  3. pre-war schoolboard
  4. school play, c. 1934
  5. school faculty, late 1940s
  6. teachers in the market place
  7. antoni rudawski, 1960s

signs and monuments

  1. war memorial
  2. war memorial plaque
  3. town crest
  4. town crest at town entrance photo #1
  5. town crest at town entrance photo #2
  6. road distance sign
  7. road at town entrance
  8. yad vashem memorial photo #1
  9. yad vashem memorial photo #2
  10. mt zion memorial

mt hebron cemetery markers

  1. birczer young men’s #1
  2. birczer young men’s #2
  3. birczer young men’s #3
  4. birczer young men’s #4
  5. birczer young men’s #5
  6. birczer young men’s #6
  7. birczer sick & benevolent #1
  8. birczer sick & benevolent #2
  9. birczer sick & benevolent #3
  10. birczer sick & benevolent #4
  11. birczer sick & benevolent #5
  12. birczer sick & benevolent #6
  13. birczer sick aid
  14. birczer sick aid officers
  15. birczer sick aid members

community documents and stamps

  1. community signatures, 1904
  2. community stamp #1
  3. community stamp #2
  4. community stamp #3
  5. community stamp #4
  6. community stamp #5
  7. community stamp #6
  8. natan beisen’s signature, mid-19th c.
  9. rabbinical legal ruling, 1884
  10. marriage announcement, 04 march 1904
  11. shulḥan ʿarukh, 1863
  12. shulḥan ʿarukh, 1895
  13. polish business directory: bircza and stara bircza, 1929
  14. nowe horyzonty article, 1940s

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